San Luis Obispo Woman to Make Solo 135-Mile Run Through Death Valley

September 24, 2020

51-year-old ex-couch potato Samantha Pruitt is running to inspire emotional fitness and peace

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – (September 24, 2020) – On October 20th through 23rd, ex-couch potato turned ultra endurance athlete Samantha Pruitt will attempt a solo 135-mile run through Death Valley, CA, where temperatures hit 100 plus degrees Fahrenheit. Starting at the lowest point in North America, the Badwater Basin, and finishing on one of America’s highest points, Mount Whitney, Pruitt will follow the famed Badwater135 race course which crosses three mountain ranges and climbs over 14,600 feet of elevation.

“I am running to remind people that we can do hard things. I want to bring attention to the critical need for building emotional fitness, and both inner peace and community peace during this difficult time,” said Pruitt. “Our lives have been upended by the global pandemic. Our community members are suffering from both mental and physical health issues, as well as widespread economic devastation. Now more than ever I want to spread hope and inspiration for what’s possible if you get up, dust yourself off and move forward one painful step at a time.”

51-year-old Pruitt is an entrepreneur, life leadership coach and founder of Endurance Town USA, a storytelling platform and a podcast that inspires people to live their best lives through endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection. She is currently on a National Listening Tour, traveling in her sprinter van and connecting with outdoor adventure communities across the Western United States. Her run across the Death Valley, which she dubs “GoodWater135”, will mark the end of her tour.

Pruitt is donating her miles in dollars (and encouraging others to contribute) to the Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts. Based in San Luis Obispo, CA, the Peace Academy provides education and leadership development for youth through a learning culture that celebrates creative innovation, enriched collaborative experiences, and connection through core human values.

“We are honored to have a role model for our students in Samantha, who embodies the values we teach,” said Noha Kolkailah, Peace Academy founder. “Our vision is to raise a community of lifelong learners who become competent caretakers and peace leaders for our world. Samantha continues to showcase the kind of leadership and care to which our children can aspire.”

Pruitt encourages everyone to join the GoodWater 135 movement. Participants of all ages and levels can run, walk, bike, swim, or tackle their unique 135-mile goal, individually or as teams, and share their journey on GoodWater135 Facebook group.

You can follow Samantha Pruitt’s journey now, as well as through the desert, on her social media @thesamanthapruitt or @endurancetownusa.

About Samantha Pruitt

Samantha Pruitt is a Female Entrepreneur, Endurance Sports Race Director & CEO of RaceSLO, Endurance Town USA Podcast Host, Human Experience Storyteller, Life, Leadership & Business Coach, Ultra & Adventure Athlete, Mom & Wife….and now Van Life Traveler. Samantha’s mission is to inspire people to invest in their own emotional and physical fitness as a way to create their own best lives. Find more at samanthapruitt.com.

About Endurance Town USA

Endurance Town USA is a state of mind, where listeners escape their daily grind and connect to their community of like-minded people, exploring their best selves through endurance sports. Think Ted Talk meets StoryCorps meets Outside. However, to differentiate ourselves, we are focusing on the WHY. We are not a “How To”, “What Is” or “Who Did”. We dive deep into the story of WHY these humans use the common thread of endurance to weave their world. Find more at endurancetownusa.com.