Endurance Athlete Samantha Pruitt Sets Out on National Listening Tour

August 11, 2020

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – Samantha Pruitt, a respected leader in the professional endurance sports industry, is embarking on a listening tour to connect with outdoor adventure communities across the Western United States. Her multi-state, three-month-long Van Life adventure is designed to amplify local voices of endurance sports and bring these authentic stories to a wide audience. Pruitt is the CEO and Founder of Race SLO, a Central California based sporting event production company (currently on hiatus due to COVID-19), the Founder and Host at the Endurance Town USA project, entrepreneur, life-business coach and a 50-year-old endurance athlete.

“Two years ago, I started the Endurance Town USA podcast to inspire people to live their best lives through endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection. The podcast and blog has featured athletes, race directors and game changing industry professionals who, through their own unique story, motivate us all to aim higher,” said Pruitt. “I’m now expanding our mission by hitting the road to discover what endurance looks like and sounds like in different communities of our beloved country. I am pumped to connect with people where they are, both geographically and spiritually, and share this human exploration with the world. I truly feel there is no more critical time in our world than now to spread hope and share the powerful messages of finding yourself and connecting to others through sports.”

Traveling with her husband Dave in the Endurance Town USA sprinter van fondly named Badass Betty, they set off from Shell Beach, California, on July 19th, and will continue their van life trek through Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, before returning to their home base in San Luis Obispo County, CA in late October.

Pruitt will chronicle her adventures and interviews on multiple platforms, including the Endurance Town USA podcast, blog, YouTube channel, as well as her own social media outlets (list them here), making the content easily accessible to an audience worldwide. Themes of the content series include destinations, local endurance communities, human stories, emotional fitness and van life.

“I’m grateful to use this collective pause as a way to listen and learn. Since we are self contained and live minimally, the focus of this van life road trip is to create space and expand awareness for what we humans have in common. I believe that endurance sports change who we are – our bodies and our minds – and that the shared values we all hold dear build strong resilient communities. During this physical and emotional pandemic health crisis I want to help empower people to reinvest in both themselves and the communities they love.”

Join Samantha on her Endurance Town USA journey and get inspired by the humans and the places she visits. You can find her in Badass Betty on the road or camping by a trail head off the beaten path. Sponsors, brand collaborators and guest bloggers who would like to join the mission are encouraged to reach out and take part in this purposeful project. To see and hear the latest podcasts, blog posts and other details, go to www.endurancetownusa.com or follow her @endurancetownusa on Facebook and Instagram, or reach Coach Samantha directly at her website www.samanthapruitt.com or her Facebook and Instagram @thesamanthapruitt.

About Samantha Pruitt

Samantha Pruitt is a Female Entrepreneur, Endurance Sports Race Director & CEO of RaceSLO, Endurance Town USA Podcast Host, Human Experience Storyteller, Life, Leadership & Business Coach, Ultra & Adventure Athlete, Mom & Wife….and now Van Life Traveler

As a self-proclaimed ex-couch potato, she lost 50lbs, rebuilt her body and entire life after discovering endurance sports at the age of 33. She has since dedicated her life to inspiring and coaching others to use endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection as powerful tools for change in their own lives. Along her transformational journey, Samantha has become an IronWoman, Ultra Endurance Athlete and Adventure Athlete, finishing hundreds of races.

Samantha’s mission is to inspire people to invest in their own emotional and physical fitness as a way to create their own best lives. Find more at samanthapruitt.com.

About Endurance Town USA

Endurance Town USA is a state of mind, where listeners escape their daily grind and connect to their community of like-minded people, exploring their best selves through endurance sports. Think Ted Talk meets StoryCorps meets Outside. However, to differentiate ourselves, we are focusing on the WHY. We are not a “How To”, “What Is” or “Who Did”. We dive deep into the story of WHY these humans use the common thread of endurance to weave their world. Find more at endurancetownusa.com.