Rusch Ventures, Feisty Media and Momentous Launch ‘Brain Storm’ Podcast Series

June 11, 2024

New podcast interview series exposes the impact and devastating aftermath of a concussion

KETCHUM, IDAHO/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Educating and creating an open dialogue about the challenges and difficulties navigating recovery, treatment, and other repercussions due to Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and concussions, Rebecca Rusch’s Rusch Ventures, Feisty Media, and Momentous are pleased to announce their partnership on “Brain Storm,” a podcast interview series on the impact and devastating aftermath of a concussion.

After clipping her handlebar at speed and experiencing an expedition-ending mountain bike crash on the Coconino Trail in Arizona, Rebecca Rusch executed a self-rescue despite broken ribs and a “mild” concussion from falling into a ravine after clipping a rock. It was a brutal hit, and Rusch biked and hiked through her pain to reach safety.

Once home, she followed traditional concussion protocol, but the fog never lifted and depression, mood swings, and headaches rolled in. Two and a half years of therapeutic trial and error later, Rusch still struggles, but is ready to tell her story in hopes that it will help others avoid the same fate.

“Brain Storm” was created as a short-form interview podcast about concussion’s destructive, and little-understood impact–even in its mildest forms. This dedicated podcast series will follow Rusch’s journey with host and veteran journalist, content creator, and best-selling author Selene Yeager, who is also co-author of Rusch’s best-selling memoir, “Rusch to Glory.”

The podcast will be distributed on Feisty Media’s Women’s Performance Podcast feed and promoted across all six of its podcast and social media channels, as well as Rusch’s and Yeager’s platforms. The episodes will follow Rusch’s journey and will include interviews with researchers and leaders in the field explaining what she’s experienced, why, and what she should or could have done differently. It will explore what we know—and don’t know—about this extremely common, yet still poorly understood and often devastating condition, including how concussions are different for women.

“As a presenting partner, Momentous is excited to engage more outdoors, sports-focused audiences and partners who share in my experience because it is an important discussion, especially in supporting female athletes and their performance,” said Rusch. “Through experts and guests, we will discuss the need for research and protocols, which will include firsthand situations and the challenges of recovering from concussions, offering invaluable insights into this critical issue, which is steeped in fear and emotion rarely discussed. It’s an issue that many of us need to address because so many have all been there without recourse or reason for the outcome and recovery.”

To learn more about “Brain Storm” and Momentous opportunities, email Aerah Hardin, COO of Rusch Ventures, at aerah@rebeccarusch.com. Click here for Rebecca Rusch media images.

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About Rebecca Rusch

A world-class explorer, professional athlete, acclaimed speaker, bestselling author and founder of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, Rusch Ventures and the Be Good Foundation, Rebecca brings her decades of wilderness wisdom to top trailblazers to reach the heights of human performance in leadership, business and life. Rebecca is a seven-time world champion who has spent the last four decades pushing her mind, body and spirit to the absolute edge of her capabilities. She now shares that exceptional knowledge and experience with the sports and leadership world. Rusch Academy has become a platform on which she passionately educates others, including the mind-body connection through endurance, perseverance and resilience. Rebecca’s Emmy Award-winning film, “Blood Road,” inspires evolution through the story of becoming the first person to bike the entire 1,800-kilometer Ho Chi Minh Trail, and her bestselling memoir, “Rusch to Glory: Adventure, Risk & Triumph on the Path Less Traveled,” provides a robust framework for speaking engagements centering on human potential, holistic performance, failure as fuel and lessons on inner and outer being. In addition, Rebecca’s Be Good Foundation’s mission is to enrich communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment and evolution while creating opportunities for outdoor exploration, personal discovery and humanitarian service at local, national and global levels through cycling.