RunBetter App Lets Users Run Your Race Course Virtually From Any Treadmill

March 17, 2020

With possible coronavirus race cancellations looming on the horizon, the RunBetter App offers race directors a convenient way to integrate a virtual run into their contingency plan. The app, available for both Apple and Android devices, lets users run specific race courses virtually from any treadmill.

Whether you are hosting an ultramarathon, marathon, half-marathon, 5K, or even a triathlon, the RunBetter App can create a virtual course and have it available on the app within days. Runners are then able to select your race, set their pace, and start running your course virtually on any treadmill. As the course changes elevation, the app alerts runners to change their treadmill incline to mimic the course terrain. Runners can complete the entire race course without setting foot outside.

“By using the RunBetter App I have personally been able to fine tune my race training,” says RunBetter App co-founder and sub-3:00 marathoner Nicole Mann. “Not only has it improved my strength and ability to run hilly courses but it makes the treadmill experience more enjoyable. I can say that for the Big Sur 11-Miler, I was way more prepared for those hills than I would have been had I not used the app – and, specifically, the Big Sur course.  We just don’t have those kinds of hills in Chicago.”

Not only is the app a cost-effective backup plan for race cancellations, it serves as a helpful training tool even if your race continues as scheduled. Runners unfamiliar with the course can experience it virtually before race day – a great way to attract non-local runners to your event.

In addition, RunBetter is now offering a revenue sharing option that gives race directors a share of the revenue for each of their registrants who downloads the app.

Currently the app has 39 domestic and international courses in its library, from the run portion of the Ironman Kona triathlon to the iconic Boston Marathon. RunBetter recently added its first 5K course, the Austin Marathon KXAN SimpleHealth 5K.

Contact info@RunBetterApp.com today to learn more about having your course added to the RunBetter App.