Run Rock Vote partners with HeadCount.org to give Americans a fun and healthy alternative to Run, Rock, Register and Vote

October 13, 2020

With perhaps the most pivotal election the United States has ever witnessed less than a month away on Nov. 3, San Diego-based Run Rock Vote has partnered with HeadCount.org to get Americans excited about registering and voting by creating an added element of fun and fitness.

The concept is simple. Everyone can sign up and register with Run Rock Vote and receive a FREE commemorative bib, then throw on your headphones and running kicks anytime between Oct. 24 – Nov. 1, and rock out while you run five kilometers (5K or 3.1 miles) and show your spirit for participating in next month’s election. And don’t forget to show the world on social media how you Run Rock Vote by using the hashtag #runrockvote and mention @runrockvote in your posts.

“This is a clever idea at the perfect time,” said Andy Bernstein, HeadCount’s executive director. “We support anything that gets people more excited to participate in the democratic process.”

“You can run anywhere you want,” said Run Rock Vote co-Founder Tony Finn. “You can run to the post office if you want to drop your ballot in the mail or you can just run your favorite path, but you’ve gotta rock out and make your voice heard. And if running’s not your thing, you can bike, skate, or even walk, but if you don’t register and vote, you can’t change at thing, so have some fun, get out and run and rock out, and most importantly, get out and vote.”

There are several options in which people can participate, including a free option. For no cost at all, you can simply sign up and register and you’ll receive a free downloadable Run Rock Vote race bib. For just $25, you can help support HeadCount.org and you’ll receive the race bib, along with a commemorative Run Rock Vote T-shirt and a sticker. And for $45, you can sign up and receive the race bib, T-shirt and sticker, along with a Run Rock Vote cap and a pair of buttons as a means of showing your full commitment to Run Rock Vote.

Run Rock Vote wants everyone to have a great time when they Run Rock and Vote, but it’s also important to remember that because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Run Rock Vote is a socially distanced / virtual event. You can do it anywhere you like but just remember to do so in an area where you can practice social distancing.

You can also visit the official Run Rock Vote website (RunRockVote.org) for important information and resources for this year’s election. It includes state-by-state info on when, where and how to vote, information on mail-in voting, polling places, voter registration info and more.

About HeadCount

HeadCount is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes participation in democracy through music, culture, and digital media. The organization has registered over 400,000 voters for the 2020 election and worked with a long list of musicians and partners including Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, Dave Matthews Band, JAY-Z, Beyoncé, March for Our Lives, RuPaul’s DragCon, MTV, and Dead & Company. With 40,000 volunteers, street teams in most major U.S. cities, and presence at more than 1,000 events each year, HeadCount ranks as one of the most active grassroots civic participation organizations in the United States. Following COVID-19 restrictions, the organization quickly pivoted to an all-digital approach that led to innovation and online initiatives to fill the needs of the public in using their voices in democracy. For more information, visit HeadCount.org or contact Jeff Kilgour at jeff@thesyn.com.

About Run Rock Vote

Run Rock Vote is the brainchild of Tony Finn – a visionary and founder of Liquid Force. As a board member of Events.com, Tony’s dream was to create a fun, healthy way to get ready, get registered and get voting is at the core of Run Rock Vote! Joining Tony as Founders of Run Rock Vote are Jose Alonso and Tom Crichton. Jose is the Founder and Creative Director of dcba brand expression and brings a wealth of branding, creative and strategic marketing direction to the event. Tom is the Founder of HelpGetSponsors.com, as well as, the Head of Sponsorship for Events.com. Together, this trio and their respective organizations are excited to see their event vision become a reality. The event is thrilled to benefit HeadCount.org, a non-partisan and non-profit organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy.

Events.com, HelpGetSponsors.com and dcba Brand Agency are also proud to join HeadCount.org to power this event and empower people to VOTE!