ReSport provides advanced tracking technology for Paulie’s Push: Newark to Shanksville

September 12, 2023

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – ReSport provided technological support and live GPS tracking for Paulie’s Push, an anniversary tribute to the flight crews who lost their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. From mid-August to September 11, former flight attendant Paulie Veneto pushed a beverage cart over 300 miles from Newark Airport to Shanksville, Pennsylvania to honor the memory of United flight 93. This follows a 20th anniversary push in 2021 from Logan Airport in Boston to Ground Zero in New York City and a 2022 push from Dulles Airport to The Pentagon in Washington D.C.

ReSport was approached in 2021 to build a custom tracking system to allow the public to follow Paulie’s progress and join him on the road. The system needed to be easy to use, durable, weatherproof, reliable, and highly accurate over three weeks of travel time – including the ability to survive Hurricane Henri on departure day. Not only did the system deliver on all counts, but the addition of live pictures streamed continuously from the device provided glimpses of the route (and Paulie) to supporters anywhere in the world.

Following Paulie’s successful arrival in Shanksville this week, the tracking/mapping system will be used to map and photograph bike paths and trails while mounted on the back of a bicycle, a version of Google Street View for places that cars can’t go. It also has the capability to document and map waterways while mounted on a boat.

In addition to tracking, ReSport produces virtual events for organizations around the world, including British Rowing, the Invictus Games, and DMSE Sports. ReSport also provides an advanced registration platform to organizations like New York Parks & Trails.

To view Paulie’s route as he walked from August 14 to September 11:


To learn more about the tracking camera system:


To discuss a virtual event or tracking camera system for your project contact ReSport at jeff@ReSport.io or (503) 922-1589.