ReSport offers $350 Special for 2021 Virtual Events

December 28, 2020

Realtime Experience Sport (ReSport), a platform for advanced virtual races and challenges, mapping, registration, results, and race tracking systems, announces a year-end special for organizations that would like to hold a virtual event in 2021. All orders placed before January 15 cost $350 for events up to 1,000 participants, with no other fees.

ReSport celebrates a successful year of bringing virtual races and challenges to organizations around the world. Highlights include:

The Invictus Games has partnered with ReSport to launch six online sports leagues in January, including swimming, track & field, rowing, cycling, and archery. The archery league, with full handicapped scoring, will be the world’s first virtual offering for that sport.

British Rowing partnered with ReSport on a full slate of events in 2020, including “Row to the Moon” and the 1-Minute Challenge in the spring in conjunction with Rowing Canada Aviron, Rowing New Zealand, and Rowing Australia. In January a new slate of events launches which will encompass almost every student in the UK, from grammar school to university.

The Texas Distance Challenge, produced by ReSport, won a BibRave award for best virtual event. The Challenge takes participants across or around Texas by bike or by foot, and also includes exploration of the state parks of Texas through immersive content-rich maps.

USRowing partnered with ReSport to produce “Row the Great Lakes” throughout the second half of 2020, allowing participants to log meters virtually rowing from Chicago to Toronto via Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario, a total distance of 1,082 miles. ReSport also produced two virtual races as part of the USRowing “Virtual Fall” series.

ReSport produced charity events with great success for partners like Rowing New Zealand (the Heart100kChallenge), Adventure Cycling (Parks, Peaks, and Prairies Virtual Tour), and Everyday Superheroes (Superheroes Race Around the World!), an organization based in the UK offering events for participants with disabilities. ReSport also partnered with Friendship Circle to create an interactive, real-time fundraising map tied to the Rallybound platform.

Offering a full virtual rowing regatta engine, ReSport produced fall regattas (with replays) for organizations like Three Rivers Rowing (Head of the Ohio) and the Textile River Regatta.

ReSport has established itself as the premiere virtual race platform due to its real time leaderboards, which display all participants and update continuously without browser refresh, its advanced mapping capabilities, and its flexibility. Virtually any sport or activity can be accommodated, from archery to triathlon to tractor drives (it’s true!).

The year-end virtual event special includes the full power of the ReSport platform: live maps with custom styles and markers, teams, leaderboards, multi-segment, finisher certificates, Strava integration, and race replays. Use the ReSport registration engine or import the data from your own registration provider.

To see live examples of ReSport virtual events, visit www.ReSport.io

To learn more or create your own virtual race or challenge, email info@ReSport.io