ReSport launches The Novel CoronaTri

August 12, 2020

Go Viral With Us

Realtime Experience Sport (ReSport) announces the launch of the first authentic virtual triathlon in the form of The Novel CoronaTri. Built on the foundation of successful partnerships with organizations like DMSE Sports, USRowing, Adventure Cycling, Event Southwest, and British Rowing, the triathlon fuses all the hallmark elements that tens of thousands of athletes around the world have come to use daily.

The Novel CoronaTri offers participants the opportunity to virtually swim, bike, or run, or to compete in all three disciplines, individually or as a team. Unique in the world of virtual challenges, the event can match up swimmers, cyclists, and runners looking to compete on a team and also meet new people in the process, a way to combat isolation during the pandemic. Participants simply sign up for the leg of their choice and the platform puts together their triathlon team.

ReSport has established itself as the premiere virtual race platform due to its real time leaderboards, which display all participants and update continuously without browser refresh, and its advanced mapping capabilities. Team Friendship, a non-profit based in New York City, has taken advantage of ReSport’s ability to real-time sync with the Rallybound fundraising platform to create a unique across-the-USA map showing all of its donors and their contribution to the campaign.

Much like the platypus, the mascot for the event, The Novel CoronaTri offers a combination of features not seen anywhere else. Participants can upload custom map routes, friends and family can sponsor Motivational Markers, companion dogs can find themselves on the leaderboard, and fortnight Fridays provide a new course perspective every other week. The true multi-segment virtual challenge aggregates log entries and allows participants to track and view their progress for each discipline as well as the triathlon as a whole.

ReSport offers registration for a variety of event types, including challenges and virtual races, through its cloud-based software. ReSport also offers interactive course mapping with unlimited routes and elevation profiles for races and tours, advance results displays, and participant tracking. All components of the platform are mobile-friendly and update in real time, without the need for browser refresh.

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To create your own virtual race or challenge, email: info@ReSport.io