ReSport Announces Integrated Carbon Offsets for Event Registration

January 27, 2020

Realtime Experience Sport (ReSport), a platform for advanced registration, mapping, results, and race tracking technology, has become the first major platform to integrate carbon offsets into its event registration engine. Offsets allow events to reduce their carbon footprint, an environmental impact resulting from greenhouse gas emissions, without additional work or cost to the event.

During the ReSport registration process, a carbon footprint is calculated for each participant’s travel based on their distance from the event and mode of transportation to the event. This carbon footprint is converted to a carbon credit offered by a non-profit partner (such as Native Energy), and the participant is given a choice to add this credit to their registration fee. The cost is usually under $1, and most athletes typically choose to do so.

By allowing athletes to offset their travel in a streamlined and realistic manner, events empower their participants to attend more responsibly while supporting organizations working to reduce harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As an example of a sporting event’s environmental impact, an analysis by the Council for Responsible Sport found that the 2007 Ironman Hawaii generated 10,853 metric tons of carbon emissions from 18,312,992 miles of participant travel, the equivalent produced by powering and heating 972 average American homes for one year.

This impact can be mitigated through ReSport technology.

About Realtime Experience Sport (ReSport)

ReSport offers registration for a variety of event types, including races, camps, clinics, performances, and challenges (virtual events held over longer periods of time), through its cloud-based software. Participant lists and maps update in real-time, without the need for browser refresh. ReSport also offers mobile-friendly and interactive course mapping for races and tours, map-based race replays, and participant tracking.

To learn more or test the technology, visit www.ReSport.io on the web.