Remark Raises $10.3 Million to Make AI More Human for E-commerce

May 23, 2024

New York, NY – May 23, 2024/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Remark, a pioneering company dedicated to humanizing the online retail experience, has successfully raised $10.3 million in a funding round led by notable investors including Stripe, Spero, Shine, and Neo. This investment will propel Remark’s mission to make e-commerce more engaging for shoppers and more profitable for brands.

Proven Results and Enhanced Customer Engagement

Remark’s approach has already driven impressive results for over 45 brands. For instance, Darn Tough saw tens of thousands of customers engage with Remark’s experts and AI personas, achieving a 99% customer satisfaction score. PEARL iZUMi experienced a remarkable 1200% increase in conversion rates, while Embr Labs improved its net revenue by 9% through enhanced customer education on their innovative wearables.

Innovative Approach to AI in E-commerce

Remark stands out in the crowded AI landscape by integrating human expertise with advanced AI personas based on its community, thereby transforming the traditionally impersonal online shopping experience. With a community of 50,000 domain experts—ranging from Olympic athletes to professional chefs—Remark is setting new standards in e-commerce personalization. These experts collaborate with AI personas that emulate their expertise and communication style, providing shoppers with a premium, personalized experience that significantly enhances brand conversion rates.

Solving the E-commerce Disconnect

Online shopping has long been plagued by a lack of meaningful interaction and personalization. Shoppers often encounter abandoned cart emails, generic chat-bots, and intrusive pop-ups, which fail to replicate the engaging experience of in-store shopping. Remark addresses this gap by combining human intelligence with AI to offer shoppers a knowledgeable guide at every step of their purchase journey. This blend of real human interaction and AI efficiency creates a seamless, enjoyable, and productive online shopping experience.

Commitment to Human Expertise and AI Integration

Remark is dedicated to leveraging the synergy between human knowledge and AI to scale personalized shopping experiences effectively. The company ensures that its human experts are compensated for their valuable insights, reinforcing the principle that expertise should be rewarded. This human-centric approach to AI not only benefits consumers and brands but also honors the contribution of individual experts.

Support from Visionary Investors

The $10.3 million funding round underscores the confidence of leading investors in Remark’s vision. Contributors include Spero Ventures, Stripe, Shine Capital, Neo, Sugar Capital, Visible Ventures, and prominent angel investors like Dave Habiger (CEO of JD Power, Chairman of Reddit), Jeff Barnett (Former CEO of Demandware/CommerceCloud), and Varsha Rao (Former CEO of Nurx, AirBnB leadership). These investors share Remark’s belief in the transformative power of combining human expertise with AI to revolutionize e-commerce.

Join the Future of E-commerce

Remark invites everyone to join its mission to make online shopping more human and rewarding for all. By putting humans at the forefront of AI, Remark is leading the way to a future where technology enhances human interaction, benefiting consumers, brands, and experts alike.

For more information, visit www.withremark.com

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About Remark

Remark is redefining the e-commerce experience by blending human expertise with AI to create engaging, personalized, and effective shopping interactions. With a community of 50,000 experts and cutting-edge AI personas, Remark is committed to making online shopping more human and rewarding for both consumers and brands.