Reddiyo Introduces An In-App Workout Player Bringing Cyclists Closer To Their Goals

June 16, 2021

No head unit? No problem.

Denver, COLORADO – Reddiyo, a dynamic cycling training app, announces the release of their new, in-app workout player, allowing cyclists to use their training plans without the need of a head unit. Users can operate the workout player directly in the app to track interval progress and record their ride for that day. Reddiyo will guide riders through their cycling workout step by step, all within the workout player.

Reddiyo’s in-app workout player can be used outdoors using GPS capabilities for the most accurate speed and location data and indoors using Smart Trainer Integration, which is currently in beta. The Reddiyo app will control the resistance using ERG mode for riders choosing to complete their workout indoors on a smart trainer with the option to increase or decrease the power target, as needed manually. Riders using a manual resistance trainer will lose the ERG capability but can still complete the workout.

The player displays the scheduled workout with a brief description, prompts for intervals, including the duration of the interval, the necessary zone, target watts, and actual watts. The workout player will show target heart rate for riders using only heart rate and not using a power meter. It also displays current heart rate, cadence, speed, total time, and remaining time. To record heart rate, cadence, and power data, it is necessary to connect devices such as a heart rate monitor or power meter using Bluetooth or ANT+.

Reddiyo’s in-app workout player is currently live for iPhones and Android, and the app is now available in the US Google Play and Apple app stores.


Learn more: https://reddiyo.com/cycling-workouts-player

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About Reddiyo

Reddiyo, founded in 2020, is a Denver-based company committed to providing endurance athletes a simplified way of training using custom dynamic training plans that adapt based on rider-provided data. With the belief that athletes shouldn’t have to be professionals, doctors, or scientists to understand their workouts, Reddiyo’s training plans use intelligent software to provide easy-to-understand stats, training recommendations, plan adjustments, and specific workouts. High-quality training becomes simplified to establish and accomplish a clear set of goals without overcomplicating the process, all within Reddiyo’s training platform. www.reddiyo.com