Rat Race Adventure Sports Put Down Roots in US and Canadian Market.

March 23, 2021

The biggest Adventure Sport Company in the UK launch dedicated website, take on US-based GM and unveil a further six incredible new multi-sport adventures.

Rat Race, the UK’s most successful adventure sport company have announced plans for six brand new US and Canadian based adventures. The firm have now taken on Jimmy McCaffrey as their US General Manager and launched a dedicated event website.

Known for their quirky UK and European based adventures and once in a lifetime international bucket list challenges, Rat Race are bringing their own unique take on multi-sport endurance challenges to North America. The company already organize a number of sell-out events across the globe and now have big plans for the American and Canadian domestic market.

The company already run two U.S. based multi-sport events – City to Sea in the Florida Keys and Source to City in New York State; and the sell-out success of both events has led to CEO Jim Mee looking further afield.

“We have combed the planet to create the next generation of bucket list challenges to take people where no one has gone before. America has some of the most epic, exciting and challenging environments known to man. The Continent’s diversity of terrain will be the canvas upon which we paint the next chapter of Rat Race innovation. It is also true that the time afforded to us by the Pandemic has led to an unprecedented time of innovation for the company; and setting down solid roots in North America is the logistical next step for us as the world slowly emerges from Covid and participants look towards new challenges out there in the Great Outdoors. There is a palpable sense of wanderlust and we are beyond excited to see where this new North American operation will take us.”

The company have taken on Jimmy McCaffrey as General Manager. Jimmy is owner of Live Loud Running and was, up until last month, working full time as a special-ed school teacher.

“I could not be more stoked to be joining the Rat Race family – in my eyes they are the most innovative adventure race company in the world and will be very much at home here in the States” says Jimmy. “They’re in a league of their own.  No other company operating in this country possesses the level of world-class events, expertise or attention to detail.  It’s clear from their current events that the U.S is the next logical step for Rat Race and they’re hitting the ground running. They’re throwing down some awesome stuff straight out of the gate and the developmental ideas they have right now will absolutely melt your face. Nobody else is doing this stuff. If you’re into exploring not only jaw-dropping places of beauty but testing your mental and physical limits, then come join me and Test Pilot an event with us. Not only will you expand your own boundaries but the story you tell could inspire someone else to do something epic. Life is meant to be lived, so live it as hard as you can.”

“I met Jimmy at the top of Mount Marcy during our Source to City event a couple of years back” says Jim.  “He’s one of the good guys. He gets what we are about – adventure, experience, a smattering of world firsts and most importantly – finish lines, not finish times. I’m thrilled to have him on board and can’t wait to start getting people out in the field having the adventure of a lifetime.”

As well as expanding the current U.S. events on the company’s roster, Rat Race have plans to introduce at least six more multi day excursions and are looking for people to join them in pioneering the routes before the events go on sale to the public on their innovative Test Pilot programme.

“These are totally unique formats and most of these routes have never been never attempted in the manner in which we are setting out to run them. Test pilots have the chance to be part of the crew on day one and help us shape the adventure for those that will follow in years to come. It’s 100% the real-deal trailblazing” says Jim.

Planned events include a 5-day 400-mile multi-sport epic in Alaska and Yukon Territory, re-tracing the old gold-mining stampeders’ route and following the Yukon River, ending up at Dawson City. There is also a 3-day 150-mile desert dash across Arizona on foot and bikes, finishing at the rim of the Grand Canyon; and a whopping 500 mile foray across California and Nevada, on a route that links the Golden Gate and the Golden Nugget and takes in both the high point and low point of the Lower 48. A swashbuckling 4-day 250 mile run, bike n’ raft loop in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho completes the set for the new U.S. events. An evocative and somewhat mysterious kayak-based challenge off the coast of British Columbia is joined by a rather chilly outing in the Arctic tundra of Quebec to complete the Canadian offerings from the firm.

For more current information on Rat Race events in the U.S. visit: https://ratraceamerica.com

 For information on the Test Pilot Scheme email: jimmy.mccaffrey@ratrace.com

 To keep up to date with what Rat Race are planning in the U.S. head to the Rat Race US Facebook page and click here to join the mailing list.


Rat Race operate phenomenal events around the world that belong firmly on your bucket list. From Inner London to Outer Mongolia and everywhere in between we’ve been creating adventure challenges for regular folk for nearly 20 years and we now operate on all seven continents of Planet Earth. Our concepts are always audacious and often quirky – reaching locations and operating formats that just are not seen elsewhere in the adventure market. From 100 miles across a frozen lake in Mongolia to a self sufficient coast to coast traverse of Central America and a multi-sport crossing of the world’s oldest desert  – we have an incredible sporting experience for every single person. Created by ex Red Bull event specialist Jim Mee in in 2004, Rat Race has helped nearly 1 000 000 ordinary, everyday folk discover the extraordinary things they are capable of; and we’re ready to take you on your next adventure.. So, where to?