RaceTimes Magazine launches RaceTimes Dash Email Column

January 25, 2024

Hilary JM Topper, acclaimed three-times published author, entrepreneur, and triathlete with a deep passion for running and triathlon, is joining RaceTimes Magazine as a columnist.

St. Louis MO/ ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – RaceTimes Magazine proudly announces that Hilary JM Topper joined us as a columnist for our new email column, RaceTimes Dash. This new column will launch the first week of February 2024 and be emailed to more than 760,000 subscribers: endurance sport enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, and triathletes via email blast.

RaceTimes Magazine is a FREE bi-monthly online magazine with articles on all things health and fitness-related. Created in 2017, RaceTimes Magazine is quickly becoming a must-have fitness resource. We are committed to creating educational and engaging articles that help expand your knowledge on becoming the best version of yourself. RaceTimes Magazine is published 6 times per year, and the column RaceTimes Dash will run 6 times in the alternate months. Both the magazine and the column will be emailed directly to our subscribers.

“Hilary will be a great addition to our growing team. Besides her skill as a communicator, Hilary brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, plus a passion for helping others achieve their personal goals of health and fitness,” said Danny Faupel associate publisher of RaceTimes Magazine. Danny continued, “Hilary is our next step in expanding our reach and frequency of when and how we touch our audience.”

Hilary JM Topper is an acclaimed 3X author, entrepreneur, and triathlete with a deep passion for running and triathlons. As the CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc., host of the popular podcast “Hilary Topper on Air – The Endurance Sports Edition,” curator of the popular blog, http://www.ATriathletesDiary.com, and author of the book “From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete – A Portrait of a Non-Athletic Triathlete,” she brings a unique blend of professional acumen and personal running experience. A dedicated runner and triathlete, Hilary’s insights into endurance sports are informative and inspiring. In addition to being an Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University, she is a certified USA Triathlon Coach, RRCA Run Coach, and USMS Swim Coach.

For more information please contact:

Danny Faupel

Associate Publisher

314 737 0951