Race Roster invests heavily in Customer Success

October 30, 2020

In response to a turbulent year for the endurance industry, Race Roster continues to invest in Customer Success to ensure organizers have the resources they need to succeed.

London, ON (Friday, October 30, 2020) – Speed is no stranger to Race Roster’s growing Customer Success team. They’re not only quick to answer your call, but they’re also likely to be one of the first runners at your finish line. Race Roster’s Customer Success team takes pride in their impeccable reply times and their personal running bests. On top of that, Race Roster’s Customer Success team has been growing at a fairly rapid rate!

Our Customer Success team works tirelessly to ensure the events that we’re partnered with are successful and feel supported.” says Jessica Collins, Manager of Customer Success at Race Roster. “This is especially important during COVID-19 as events transition to virtual event experiences and start to explore new technology. We’ve grown our Customer Success team so that we’re able to provide quick reply times, extensive training on our new virtual offerings, and friendly conversations to our event organizers when they need it the most.”

The growing team contains members that are fluent in Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and English. Each individual is highly trained to help event industry professionals achieve their most unattainable goals, solve their greatest challenges, and provide the training and resources needed to manage their events with ease.

Want to learn more?

Check out Race Roster’s article to meet a few of the fast people behind Race Roster’s fast and quality service: https://raceroster.com/articles/fast-service-fast-people

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