Race Roster introduces virtual challenges to further engage your participants

August 26, 2020

Leverage Race Roster’s NEW virtual challenge feature to create an engaging experience for your participants

London, ON (Wednesday, August 26, 2020) – Race Roster recently introduced virtual challenges – a NEW virtual event option to further engage your participants. Challenges can be introduced as a standalone virtual event or as an additional category to an existing event, keeping your participants motivated year round!

What is a challenge?

A ‘challenge’ is a virtual competition that your participants can individually take part in to work towards completing an objective over a specified date range. With Race Roster’s challenges feature, you can set a specific distance goal that your participants will aim to cover or you can decide not to set a goal and your participants will aim to cover as much distance as possible within the specified date range (e.g. whoever runs the most between July 1st – July 31st). The challenge date range is completely up to you – it can be a month, a week, or maybe even an ongoing year-long challenge!

“Our team has been exceptional in working together to meet the immediate needs of the event industry”  says Robbie Wilder, CTO at Race Roster. “Tools for virtual events are in demand now more than ever, which is why we are excited to introduce our new challenges feature, offering event organizers even more ways to engage with participants during this time.”

Race Roster’s challenges tool offers multiple ways to keep participants engaged. They can track their personal completion progress and compare against other competitors, or even view a challenge map,giving each participant a visual representation of where they stand on the start-to-finish line in relation to the other challengers.

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