Race Roster introduces their NEW custom pages tool

July 26, 2020

Transform your event details page into an organized event website experience

London, ON (Monday, July 27, 2020) – Race Roster’s custom pages tool is a great option for events that have a lot of information to share with their participants, or that prefer to use their event details page as an event website. Race Roster’s custom pages tool allows you to organize your event information into different pages, making it easier for your participants to find what they are looking for.

“Race Roster customers absolutely love the autonomy they have to customize their event details pages to reflect the look and feel of their brands.” says Emily Lutz, Product Manager at Race Roster. “We wanted to take this one step further and offer our customers even more flexibility by introducing the ability to create custom pages where they can add whatever they need to keep their participants informed. These custom pages pull in all of their branding elements and are linked from a menu on their event details pages.”

Race Roster’s custom pages tool can be used to transform your event details page to convey the look and feel of an organized event website. Additional pages can be created to include elements such as images, links, videos — whatever you’d like! The custom pages features also allows you to link out to external websites and include sidebars on your registration confirmation page.

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