RACE RESULT Unveils Fundamentally New Timing System “Ubidium”

February 16, 2023

Boulder, CO /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – At its International Timers Conference, RACE RESULT presented a fundamentally new timing system. Ubidium redefines the industry standards in terms of user-friendliness, power supply and reliability. CTO Nikias Klohr describes the related new foldable ground antenna as a “revolution”.

The RACE RESULT development team has poured through customer feedback, the experience from thousands of events and the latest technology into a new timing system. Ubidium can be used with active and passive transponders. It is not an update of an existing solution, but a fundamentally new concept.

“The logistics behind sports timing are often demanding – with cabling, hardware, power supply and so on. With Ubidium, timekeepers and organizers can now solve these challenges much more easily. There are also new features that have never been seen before in any timing system,” says RACE RESULT CTO Nikias Klohr during our product presentation.

Small, weatherproof case

The form factor, specially designed for the requirements of sports timekeeping, is around 60% smaller and lighter than the previous RACE RESULT decoder. Two easily accessible batteries can be hot swapped and provide up to 30 hours of system runtime. A large LCD display, robust buttons and LEDs enables the timer to always stay ahead of the game. Special features such as battery heaters and an integrated fan ensure that reliable timing is maintained in all condition.

New floor mat with integrated readers

The new Ubidium Foldable Ground Antenna can be extended to up to 23 meters, connecting to one timing system with a single plug. This setup can run for six hours on the internal battery. The weight of each antenna segment is 20% less compared to the current RACE RESULT mat.

“Several antennas inside the mat can now detect transponders at the same time – this is not possible with any other UHF reader used in sports timekeeping. This results in increased accuracy and detection rates,” says CTO Nikias Klohr.

Ubidium will be available for use with active transponders from mid-2023. The foldable ground antenna for passive transponders is expected to be rolled out in early 2024.

More information and technical features of Ubidium can be found here:



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