PROTOUCH AFRICA Partners with Endurance Zone the World’s Largest Sports Reward Platform to bring Active Lifestyle Rewards to Africa

March 13, 2023

Johannesburg, South Africa /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – PROTOUCH AFRICA announced today its partnership with the world’s largest sports reward platform, Endurance Zone to bring an exciting new opportunity of rewarding people for being active, to Africa.

PROTOUCH AFRICA is already the distributor for a number of digital solutions focused on fan engagement and activation, collating of digital athlete profile and electronic trading cards, managing of digital media, video and OTT and, app-as-a-service platforms that aggregate news, social media and e-commerce for some of Africa’s top sports clubs, teams and federations. It has been pioneering new ways for fans to interact and engage with their favourite teams, leagues and athletes and unlock value for fans, brands and athletes.

Endurance Zone’s revolutionary white-labelled platform provides brands, teams and sports leagues the opportunity to provide customers and fans access to a range of preferential deals on sports, fitness and health products and rewards. The platform, already used by international sports federations such as USA Cycling and British Cycling also provides new ways for brands to interact, engage and unlock greater value while doing good as a % of the profits made from this partnership will be used to fund PROTOUCH AFRICA’S new Impact Investment Fund, to support athletes from Africa too.

PROTOUCH AFRICA is a strong advocate for enabling African Athletes onto the World Stage having funded over twenty-six road cyclists from six African nations as part of the #1 UCI-registered Road Cycling Team in Africa for four years and this partnership will unlock the opportunity to further power its purpose. “What’s most exciting about this partnership is that it will seek to further our efforts in unlocking new revenues to enable more African Athletes onto the World Stage” announced Rebecca Eliot, Founder of PROTOUCH AFRICA.

With 30+ years of engagement strategy experience in the Rewards industry, Eliot now uses this expertise to provide sports clubs, teams and federations with a range of strategic services and fan engagement solutions, user journey workflows and creative execution and, a range of proprietary projects have been developed too!

Through Endurance Zone’s white label technology and API integrations, PROTOUCH AFRICA will house thousands of lifestyle rewards, branded, and integrated into the user journey. “We are already in discussions with consumer-focussed rewards programmes seeking to customise rewards for specific segments of customers in addition to onboarding local brand and retail partners that wish to access a broader audience through the aggregated reach that Endurance Zone’s platform provides.

David Birch, CEO and Founder of Endurance Zone had this to say “It’s been a real pleasure to work with the PROTOUCH AFRICA team over the past few months to make this happen, our benefits platform not only adds significant value to brands in Africa, who want to activate and reward their active lifestyle members but it also provides more opportunities for these members and us to assist in funding top performing talent from Africa. It is a win-win-win partnership for all and we are very excited to be involved”.

Endurance Zone will be working closely with PROTOUCH AFRICA to add a range of African retail and product brands to augment its global inventory and, we are engaging a media group with new ways of activating brand focussed sales during and after the broadcast of sports events and entertainment.


PROTOUCH™ AFRICA is purpose-driven and for-profit Sports Tech, business founded in 2016 with a purpose to enable African Athletes to perform on the World Stage.

PROTOUCH’s clients include top football clubs in South Africa, the South African Hockey Association, two African Rugby Federations, a regional basketball association, a project that live streams youth sport [using AI-based cameras] for Africa’s largest sports broadcaster and, an Internet of Fans Platform that is connecting and building global fan involvement systems, for the Fans of the World.

CONTACT: Rebecca Eliot +27 83 656 4632 email: rebecca@protouch.africa


Endurance Zone is the world’s largest sports reward platform and leading engagement platform for the sports & fitness sector.

Through white label integration, their platform is an effective marketing tool for gyms, governing bodies and sports related companies to help gain, engage and retain sports consumers – all built around rewards.

Endurance Zone connects millions of consumers with rewards from brands across the globe, adding value for membership organisations, consumers, and advertisers in one tailored marketplace.

CONTACT: Ed Horleston +44 7507 896 120 email: ehorleston@endurancezone.com