Protekt Launches Wellness Products Focused on Getting People Outdoors

June 9, 2020

SAN DIEGO (June 9, 2020)– Protekt Products, a new brand founded by two military veterans and renowned waterman Mark Healey, today launches its line of nutritional supplements and reef-safe zinc oxide sunscreen to arm people around the world with the tools they need to optimize health and get outside.

The product line includes CLARITY, a lion’s mane mushroom complex, RESILIENT, a vitamin B12/D3/K2 tincture and several new supplements scheduled to launch later this summer. Protekt also offers a complete line of natural, reef-safe, moisturizing, mineral sunscreen products. Dedicated to improving overall well-being, Protekt has designed simple yet effective products that sharpen focus, galvanize immune system function and shield skin from the sun to promote more time in the outdoors.

The founders, Nick Norris and Tim Duba, were roommates at the US Naval Academy, became best friends and married identical twin sisters prior to leaving military service to pursue entrepreneurship. They met professional big wave surfer, free-diver and filmmaker Mark Healey on a trip to Hawaii. He emphasized the need for an effective, reef-safe sunscreen, and after testing the product extensively, became a partner in the business.

“Mark is the ideal partner because he is committed to his values and never settles for imperfection. He would have been a good teammate in the SEAL Teams,” said Norris, co-founder and CEO. “Our founding team understands the value of simple routines. We wanted to give people products that will both directly optimize their health and support a commitment to routines that will positively impact overall well-being.”

The brand’s products embody a minimalist philosophy, using natural ingredients to produce safe and effective solutions for the body and the environment.

Protekt’s product line includes:

  • SPF 30 Lotion: Using a high concentration of non-nano zinc oxide (20 percent) as the only active sunscreen ingredient, it is uniquely formulated to moisturize while blending seamlessly on skin. NSF Organic ingredients, easy to apply, 80 minute water-resistant, reef-safe and ideal for outdoor sports. MSRP $18.
  • SPF 15 Lip Balm: Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the face and are subjected to constant drying by wind and sun. This lip balm nourishes the lips, replenishes lost moisture and ensures that the sun’s damaging rays are properly repelled. MSRP $5.
  • SPF 30 Clear Sunstick: Water-resistant mineral sunscreen provides superior sun protection, and the sunstick offers an easy application for all ages. A tintedoption is also available. MSRP $16.
  • CLARITY Lion’s Mane Mushroom Complex: This powerful combination of nutritional mushrooms supports memory, mental clarity, focus, and optimizes both nervous and immune system health. MSRP $35.
  • RESILIENT Oral Vitamin Formula: Packed with a healthy dose of B12, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2 to optimize both nervous and circulatory system health. This simple addition to your morning routine will boost energy, elevate your mood and prime your body for the sleep you need to recover. MSRP $30.

About Protekt Products

Founded by two veterans and a legendary waterman, Protekt Products is a wellness company committed to positively impacting customer health through safe, natural and effective personal care products and nutritional supplements. Protek Products helps people achieve an optimal state for outdoor activity and performance. To learn more about the company and the people behind Protekt, visit www.protektproducts.com.