Professional Triathletes Organisation and Matta Launch Global Campaign That Aims to Disrupt, Educate and Entertain Ahead of Inaugural Collins Cup

August 3, 2021

LONDON: The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) and award-winning London-based creative agency, MATTA have today launched their global event marketing campaign for the eagerly-awaited inaugural Collins Cup, which takes place in Šamorín, Slovakia on 28th August 2021.

MATTA, who were appointed by the PTO in April to deliver the campaign for its flagship event, were tasked with delivering a multi-channel promotional campaign in the lead-up to the inaugural Collins Cup, a new race format modelled after the Ryder Cup, which will see teams of European, Internationals and USA athletes pitted against one another for the sport’s global bragging rights. The Collins Cup aims to create and leverage the excitement, rivalry, drama and personalities of the sport of triathlon to attract a wider fan base.

The newly-released campaign, which will be a combination of video and imagery played out across PTO and Collins Cup channels and exclusive European broadcast partner, Discovery Eurosport throughout August, has been inspired by the number 3, focussing on the three teams, three disciplines and each match comprising three competitors. Graphically, the campaign media is always split into 3, copy is also developed in 3’s and the overall effect is to emotionally excite consumers, challenging their preconceptions of what a team endurance event can be.

The campaign also features a three-word end line, ‘Passion x Power x Pride’ which serves as a summary of everything The Collins Cup stands for – The passion from being part of a team, the incredible power of the superhuman athletes and the pride of competing for your flag. The campaign will also be brought further to life by creating 36 individual assets, one for each competing athlete, to build the profiles and fame of the athletes.

Tim Godfrey, Chief Marketing Officer of the PTO, stated: “With today’s global event marketing campaign launch for The Collins Cup, we are delighted to bring the excitement and drama that professional triathlon has to offer to legions of consumers, and potential new fans, right across the world. Participation in triathlons has surged in recent years, and we believe that with the launch of today’s campaign, consumers will anticipate the power, passion and pride and the sheer scale of the rivalries and personalities that will compete at the Collins Cup when it is staged later this month for the very first time. This campaign truly does justice to the sport of triathlon, by telling the captivating stories of our athletes to a large, global audience.”

Matt Hunt, Executive Brand & Strategy Director for MATTA, said: “With the launch of the inaugural Collins Cup, this is an exciting time for triathlon and the ideal time to be launching a global campaign to project this popular participation sport to a mass audience internationally. Triathlon truly is all about the athletes, and so it’s only right that the stars of the sport take centre stage in this campaign, which is inspired by the theme of 3. Over the coming weeks, we hope our work emotionally excites consumers, challenges their preconceptions and inspires a new audience of fans to follow the sport.”

The new campaign, titled ‘Power x Passion x Pride’, launched today with a 60s Hero Video which can be viewed here.

The Collins Cup airs on 28th August – follow live at thecollinscup.com

About the Professional Triathletes Organisation:

The Professional Triathletes Organisation is a not-for-profit entity consisting of professional male and female triathletes who have come together to form a representative body which not only gives them a meaningful voice in the way the sport operates but a means to contribute to its growth for the benefit of the entire triathlon community. The PTO seeks to showcase the passion, talents, determination, struggles and achievements of its dedicated professionals through iconic events, reimagined broadcast and compelling storytelling, inspiring global sports fans to watch, engage and participate in Triathlon. The PTO’s inaugural flagship event, The Collins Cup, will be held on August 28th 2021 in Samorin, Slovakia and will be a head-to-head showdown between the world’s greatest athletes to determine who rules triathlon. Sign up here for updates.

About MATTA 

MATTA is a young dynamic creative agency focusing its work on sport, fitness and wellbeing. Clients include ATP, Umbro, and Movember.Founded by three directors and with their brand strategy informed by FMCG backgrounds, the creative team consistently develops campaigns and branding that are not only compelling but also enduring. The agency has grown rapidly since starting out five years ago. Most recently it was awarded Young agency of the Year at the BT Sport Industry Awards 2019. Recent campaigns by the agency include: Are You In? – ICC – an integrated marketing campaign for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 to encourage ballot sign up and tournament ticket sales. Over 2.5 million tickets were applied for over the course of the Cricket Family Ballot and Public Ballot, for 800,000 available tickets, with several fixtures heavily oversubscribed. Try and Stop Us – World Rugby – a campaign to increase women’s participation in rugby worldwide which unites 15 real rugby heroines – the ‘Unstoppables’ – whose lives have been enriched through rugby. Love It All – ATP – a global campaign to encapsulate the excitement and flair of the ATP Tour. The campaign makes the point that there is more to tennis than the four grand slams. There are 60 odd tournaments worldwide, and fans should love it all Website: www.makeitmatta.com. LinkedIn: MATTA

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