Predictive Fitness, InsideTracker Join Forces to Deliver Personalized Nutrition and Training Insights to Triathletes

February 2, 2022

The partnership will further improve both of the performance and healthspan of TriDot athletes

SOUTHLAKE, TX /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Predictive Fitness, makers of TriDot, today announced a partnership with InsideTracker, the leading truly personalized performance and nutrition system, which will enable users to further optimize results with science-backed insights and recommendations based on blood, DNA and fitness tracker data.

As part of the partnership, TriDot users will have preferred access to InsideTracker, enabling them to obtain personalized insights about their body, along with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to optimize performance and healthspan. TriDot users will also be able to connect their InsideTracker data to TriDot to receive even deeper and more personalized training insights for further optimized triathlon training.

“We’re excited to integrate InsideTracker’s rich data into our optimization engine,” said Dr. B.J. Leeper, director of performance science, Predictive Fitness Inc. “We already provide the most effective triathlon training, and with the biometric data, nutrition guidance and lifestyle recommendations from InsideTracker, we’ll be able to further improve the performance and health of our athletes.”

“Partnering with Predictive Fitness is an exciting first for InsideTracker, giving us a chance to see how the integration of our science-backed insights and lifestyle recommendations with a specialized training platform like TriDot will amplify results for sport-specific athletes,” said Royi Metser, director of business development, InsideTracker. “We look forward to growing our partnerships with other synergistic platforms to bolster their deep subject matter expertise with the data and research InsideTracker has compiled over the past 15 years.”

About TriDot

TriDot is a triathlon training optimization application that is fast becoming the obvious and automatic choice for triathlon training. It uses each athlete’s biometrics and training data along with its own proprietary big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to design and optimize training for athletes with or without a coach.

Leveraging more than a decade and a half of data from tens of thousands of triathletes, TriDot optimizes training for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and performance levels.  It produces substantially greater results in up to 30% less training time than human-designed training, which is based on theory, personal philosophies, and trial & error. TriDot delivers results that are predictable, repeatable, and otherwise unattainable.

TriDot is a performance science division of Predictive Fitness, Inc. and offers monthly subscriptions ranging from $9.99 to $249.  Learn more at http://www.tridot.com/.

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About Predictive Fitness

Predictive Fitness uses big data and advanced analytics to transform individuals’ fitness data, biometrics, and genetics into highly accurate and actionable intelligence used to power apps for athletes and coaches as well as solutions for device manufacturers and race producers.

Predictive Fitness’s patents-pending technology is based on ongoing research and development that began in 2005.  It’s comprised of a high-quality proprietary dataset of biometrics and performance data from more than 50 million optimized training sessions from athletes worldwide. Data is acquired and analyzed using sophisticated data-normalizing technologies and numerous analytical and prescriptive capabilities such as data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced analytics.

Predictive Fitness’s technology powers TriDot® delivering Optimized Triathlon Training™, RaceX® delivering Optimized Race Execution™, and RemoteRacing™, among other applications including work for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Learn more at www.predictive.fit

About InsideTracker

Founded in 2009 by top scientists from acclaimed universities in the fields of aging, genetics and biology, InsideTracker is a truly personalized nutrition and performance system. InsideTracker’s mission is to help people add years to their lives and life to their years by optimizing their bodies from the inside out. By analyzing the body’s data from blood, DNA and fitness trackers, InsideTracker gives a crystal clear picture of what’s going on inside, along with a science-backed action plan for improving your health and becoming your best self. Read our peer-reviewed papers in Scientific Reports and Current Developments in Nutrition.

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