Portland Design Works is Officially Certified Climate Neutral

July 22, 2021

PORTLAND, OR (July 22, 2021) — Portland Design Works, creators of gear for everyday cycling, is proud to announce that the company is now officially Climate Neutral Certified.

“We believe that we can make a change toward more sustainability within the bicycle industry. We are small but mighty, and proud to be leading the way,” said Erik Olson, Co-Founder of Portland Design Works. “It comes down to a commitment to accountability. We’ll do a better job at reducing our carbon footprint if we join a community of like-minded companies who can help and inspire us and audit our results. It’s too easy to get lost in the already complex task of running a business and let social responsibility slide if you aren’t held accountable with time-based measurable goals.”

The certification comes from Climate Neutral, an organization helping companies measure, offset, and reduce their carbon emissions through a three-step process. Climate Neutral provides consumers with trusted third-party verification that a company has taken full responsibility for its collective carbon emissions from the previous year.

Portland Design Works was certified on July 1, 2021 and will continue to recertify yearly by measuring their carbon footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset their footprint, and factoring carbon emissions into decisions on business travel and the shipping of goods to customers.

“Being environmentally conscious is already a part of our company culture,” said Olson. “That looks like not using plastic in our packaging, using plastic sparingly in our goods, staying away from overnighting orders or airfreighting products from overseas, commuting by bike, promoting alternative transportation, purchasing green energy from our power company, and making rebuildable products.”

About Portland Design Works

Since 2008, Portland Design Works has been developing gear that excites cyclists to ride more often. They design products to be unique and memorable while enhancing the beauty of the bikes they are installed on. Learn More at ridepdw.com Instagram: @ridepdw