PEAR Sports® Announces a Smart, Affordable Digital Coaching App for Personal Trainers

April 29, 2020

PEAR Pro Trainer allows personal trainers to create interactive workouts with personalized coaching to keep their businesses operating while gyms are closed

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – PEAR Sports®, creators of the PEAR Health & Fitness Platform™ that delivers smart digital coaching technology, has launched PEAR Pro Trainer™. Pro Trainer is a powerful platform that provides all the tools needed for personal trainers to create dynamic video and audio workouts with 1:1 human touch tele-coaching. Personalized coaching programs can now be delivered by trainers to individuals and groups no matter where they are.

PEAR Pro Trainer solves many of the challenges facing individual personal trainers today. Trainers can be up-and-running with Pro Trainer in minutes. The solution includes an extensive exercise library of movements, a simple drag-and-drop interface, real-time, dynamic audio messaging for heart rate-based workouts, custom coaching audio cues and symbiotic music. Additional features include calendar management, private communications tools and reported results for both trainers and clients. This allows personal trainers to use PEAR Pro Trainer to create their own digital programming style, earn additional income through tele-coaching, and geographically expand their reach. Providing smart, human tele-coaching with bespoke content and guidance is particularly valuable now, while most gyms are closed, and clients are working out at home.

Dave Hannum, President/General Manager, PEAR Sports, said, “Today, personal trainers must be digitally connected with their clients. Pro Trainer is PEAR’s instant-publish program, designed and priced to provide professional fitness trainers with a complete tele-coaching platform. It’s extremely easy to use for both trainers and clients, providing instruction, inspiration and accountability over distance.”

Clint Martin, Level 5 and Division 1 Strength Coach, commented, “I need a mobile solution now, more than ever, to make sure we are able to keep a high level of training in the midst of all that is going on in the world today. PEAR Pro Trainer came through with a simple, effective digital program that gets the job done. My NFL off-season guys really love it.”

PEAR Sports provides a full range of fitness and wellness platforms, extending from PEAR Pro Trainer’s instant-publish programs, to fully custom, mobile solutions with professional coach programming, engagement tools, and data analytics insights. The PEAR platforms are designed to activate people with interactive, authentic content that captures meaningful results and performance metrics. To learn more about PEAR Pro Trainer, visit www.pearsports.com/pro-trainer.

About PEAR Sports

PEAR Sports is perfecting the personalized delivery of digital health, wellness and fitness programs. Our platform and solutions deliver smarter customized coaching that creates great experiences for users and enterprises.

Anita Habeich, anita@pearsports.com

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