Pampro Bamboo Bikes Launches Multiple Models in USA

April 19, 2023

Africa’s Booomers International brings established eco-friendly bike line to North America

Little Rock, Arkansas, April 19, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Booomers International, the builder of premium bamboo bicycles in Ghana, Africa, is expanding into North America with its latest bicycle line, Pampro Bikes.

Launching this spring, Pampro Bikes’ 2023 lineup includes gravel, city and mountain models along with electric bike options. Bike lovers who want to know about bamboo bicycles can visit the Pampro Bikes booth (S194) April 20-23 during the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California.

The Pampro Bikes pedigree comes from Booomers International, bringing the established bamboo frame innovation to the new brand. Pampro Bikes offers a wider range of models based on specially designed frame geometries fine-tuned to allow for performance handling and ride comfort.

The ride qualities offered by bamboo frames shine in Pampro’s newest offering — the Agona gravel bike. Bamboo’s natural fibers provide just the right amount of vibration dampening while offering rigidness for precise handling and stable descending. Agona is the perfect mixed-surface bike, designed for taking on big gravel events and adventure bike camping alike.

“Not only do all Pampro Bikes deliver the revelatory ride quality of bamboo,” said Kwabena Danso, CEO of Booomers International and Pampro Bikes, “but your bike purchase supports sustainable, environmentally centered manufacturing jobs, and helps to change lives in Ghana through educational opportunities for children at our school.”

Pampro Bikes is set to open its headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas in early May.


Pampro Bikes is bringing to the market city and mountain style e-bikes this spring, offering a range of E-bikes featuring Shimano batteries and drivetrains. The brand is launching the E-commuter bikes and the E-mountain bikes this spring to customers, with a cargo model on the way late 2023.

“Our E-bikes provide customers with a more environmentally sustainable form of transport thereby making the world a better place for everyone,” added Danso.


Booomers International, Pampro’s parent company, has long been on the forefront of sustainability in both its bicycles and manufacturing processes. Frames are designed to have a low material footprint by using natural materials — bamboo, sisal and plant-based eco-resin. The build process uses heat from solar energy to dry bamboo as well as power the factory’s machinery.

And unlike carbon-fiber bike frames that will linger in the environment virtually forever after their useful lifespan, a bamboo frame left untreated outdoors after 15-plus years will decompose and not contribute to landfills.


Along with an environmentally sustainable business model, Danso’s mission has two other equally important aspects: The first is to ensure access to education. For every bike purchased, one local child receives a school scholarship at Yonso Project Model School. The brand’s profits have built the school, which currently has over 400 students as well as funding for libraries and computer labs in rural communities. The second is to produce high-quality, affordable bamboo bikes that empower a local Ghanaian workforce through fair wages and benefits.


Booomers International, maker of Pampro Bikes, is a social enterprise founded in 2014 by Kwabena Danso. Since Booomers International started, more than 10,000 bike frames and thousands of bamboo accessories have been made and delivered.

With every bike purchased, 15% of profits go to support the Yonso Project Model School, which funds 100 scholarships annually for 70 primary school children, 30 senior school children and 10 university students.

Booomers/Pampro employs more than 40 people providing skills training that addresses the problems of rural unemployment, rural-urban migration as well as poverty. The company’s manufacturing processes are designed to have a low material footprint by using local bamboo and sisal.

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