Orucase to produce face masks for COVID-19 battle

March 23, 2020

Cycling Industry company retools to help meet demands

San Diego, CA—Orucase announces they have begun production on protective face marks to help tackle supply gaps for important protective articles. Like many other companies across different industries, Orucase has pivoted to help provided needed PPE gear to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Orucase, known for their innovative and award-winning travel bags and accessories, has decided to redirect its efforts from helping cyclists explore the world by bike in order to help meet a rapidly growing, emergency need.

“With our vast experience in producing sewn products, we asked ourselves what we could do to help out in these trying times. We have teamed up with our production partner in Mexico and are completely retooling our lines to meet this need” said Isaac Howe, Orucase co-founder. “We are ready to roll out both consumer-focused face masks, as well as medical-grade masks to help out front-line medical workers both in the USA and Mexico.”

The company is prepared to ship the consumer masks immediately and are in the last stages of procuring the necessary fabrics for the medical mask, with the capacity of making up to 500,000 per week.

“The proceeds from the sale of the consumers masks will be used to facilitate additional production of masks for medical workers and those employed in essential industries in both countries” Howe said, “with the extreme need for protective gear for those on the front lines of this crisis, we hope to be able to help those workers get the equipment they so badly need. For every mask we sell, we will be able to provide up to 20 masks to those in need.”

Additionally, Howe invited companies manufacturing any of these specialty fabrics to reach out for potential partnerships. “With the quantity of masks in demand, we’re asking for assistance bolstering our current supply chain, so we can leverage the extent of our manufacturing capabilities.”

Orucase will manufacture the masks at their partner facility in Mexico, and will distribute them consumer-direct via their website at www.orucase.com, as well as working directly with medical facilities and charities in both the United States and Mexico.


About Orucase

Founded in 2012 in a garage in Vermont, Orucase has helped cyclists fly more than 75,000 flights without paying oversize luggage or bike fees. For information visit www.orucase.com