Organizing a Virtual Event? You need maps.

May 13, 2020

With more and more events being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more event directors are attempting to replace them with virtual events. From 5ks to running across states and cycling around lakes, most of these events look the same with static online leaderboards and some social media branding. Nearly all of them lack compelling visuals or the feel that something is happening.

Realtime Experience Sport (ReSport), a platform for virtual events and challenges of all distances and types, incorporates interactive maps and charts into every event it produces. These elements update in real time, without the need for a browser refresh. Are you an event director wanting to allow your runners to cross the state of Michigan? Show them a map so they (and everyone else) can see how far they’ve gone.

British Rowing has embraced this platform for its full slate of Online Challenges during the national lockdown. Rowers across Great Britain can choose six different challenges, from Row the Atlantic to Row the English Channel to Row the River Thames, and log their distances while watching their progress, in real time, on both a personal map and a map showing all participants. A real-time leaderboard, offering advanced and intuitive filtering, also updates as they progress. No other platform offers these features.

The ReSport platform hosted the four-nation “1 Minute Challenge” this past weekend for head-to-head indoor rowing amongst Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and New Zealand. Nearly 3,000 competitors logged over 710,000 meters from Friday to Monday, with Great Britain prevailing in total meters while New Zealand took the title for most meters per rower:


In additional to progress maps for virtual challenges like Row the Atlantic, ReSport produces virtual races to simulate the real thing – also through interactive, real time maps and charts. Competitors log their efforts for a specified period of time, then all the times are aggregated and overlaid on a map of the course. Participants watch the drama unfold and see the results as they would have happened on a real race course.

ReSport offers registration through its cloud-based software, as well as interactive course mapping with unlimited routes and elevation profiles for races and tours, advance results displays, and participant tracking. All components of the platform are mobile-friendly and update in real-time, without the need for browser refresh.

To watch the British Rowing Online Challenges:


To learn more or create your own virtual race or challenge, email: info@ReSport.io