OPEX Fitness Expands InsideTracker Partnership to Deliver Unparalleled Personalized Training Resources for Professional Coaches

March 25, 2022

Brings InsideTracker’s science-backed nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to CoachRx app, provides co-developed continuing education curriculum on LearnRx platform

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – March 25, 2022/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – OPEX Fitness today announced a partnership with InsideTracker, the leading truly personalized performance and nutrition system, following a successful pilot program in 2021 that gave coaches and clients access to InsideTracker Pro, delivering science-backed nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on blood, DNA and fitness tracker data. The new partnership includes full integration of InsideTracker recommendations within the CoachRX app and the launch of educational resources for coaches on the LearnRX streaming content platform.

Unique to the partnership, InsideTracker developed an expert-led curriculum that’s integrated into OPEX’s Coaching Certification Program (CCP), arming coaches with knowledge to utilize InsideTracker’s data and recommendations to optimize client results from the inside out. OPEX coaches and clients can also connect their InsideTracker data to the OPEX CoachRX app, enabling delivery of personalized training and nutrition insights right inside the app. Clients of OPEX coaches will continue to receive the preferred access and exclusive discounts to InsideTracker available as part of the InsideTracker Pro program. InsideTracker and OPEX proudly teamed up to launch the custom-designed InsideTracker x OPEX Body Panel, created to provide clients with key biomarkers that are focused on optimizing recovery, strength, and longevity.

“Our purpose as a company is to increase the value of fitness coaches. We do this by teaching our coaches how to identify their client’s goals, needs, and capabilities. Then, how to meet them where they are in exercise and lifestyle design,” said Carl Hardwick, CEO, OPEX Fitness. “This partnership with InsideTracker allows our coaches to get even more personalized by analyzing data from their client’s blood and using our software, CoachRx, to use InsideTracker’s science-backed personalized recommendations to deliver the right prescription for them.”

“This first-of-its-kind partnership is the deepest integration yet with InsideTracker data, and we couldn’t pick a more aligned partner than OPEX to bring it to market,” said Royi Metser, director of business development, InsideTracker. “OPEX is renowned for a personalized, science-backed approach, and their dedication to producing world class coaches is clear in delivering not just integration of the data, but the background wisdom that coaches need to help their clients do what they love for life.”

About OPEX Fitness

OPEX Fitness is the education provider for coaches seeking career success, longevity, and fulfillment. Through two decades and thousands of graduates, OPEX has pioneered the individual design method for both in-person and remote fitness coaches. OPEX’s mission is to increase the value of the coach by empowering them to make fitness simple, practical, and personalized. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program, LearnRx education platform, and CoachRx software form a fitness coaching ecosystem through which coaches can access the education, mentorship, and systems needed to professionalize their passion.

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About InsideTracker

Founded in 2009 by top scientists from acclaimed universities in the fields of aging, genetics and biology, InsideTracker is a truly personalized nutrition and performance system. InsideTracker’s mission is to help people add years to their lives and life to their years by optimizing their bodies from the inside out. By analyzing the body’s data from blood, DNA and fitness trackers, InsideTracker gives a crystal clear picture of what’s going on inside, along with a science-backed action plan for improving your health and becoming your best self. Read our peer-reviewed papers in Scientific Reports and Current Developments in Nutrition.

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