Onewheel x Thousand: Introducing a new special edition Onewheel x Thousand helmet

July 1, 2021

Introducing a new special edition Onewheel x Thousand helmet

SANTA CRUZ – June 30, 2020 – Future Motion, makers of the popular Onewheel product line and Thousand, maker of stylish, high-performance helmets announced a new Thousand x Onewheel collaboration helmet, now available on Onewheel.com for $90.

“Thousand helmets are one of the few helmets that we actually get compliments for when we’re riding around,” commented Jack Mudd, Chief Evangelist at Future Motion. “They’ve really nailed the design and performance to make a great helmet for every day rides. We’re super psyched to be teaming up to bring style to safety.”

Thousand founder Gloria Hwang, created her rapidly growing helmet brand after losing a friend to a bike accident and thinking about all of the times she herself had never worn a helmet. Inspired by vintage scooter helmets, she named the company after the goal to save 1000 lives by designing helmets that look so good that people will actually want to wear them.

“Similar to Onewheel, Thousand has always had a different perspective on what the market wanted,” says Thousand Founder, Gloria Hwang. “I believe that outsider perspective is the most valuable thing brands like us and Onewheel can offer to empower people to safely get around their cities, build closer communities, travel more sustainably, and lead healthier lives.”

Light electric vehicles have put safety front of mind for many consumers as they try to understand these new technologies and how to be safe while using them. Like any boardsport, there’s an element of risk while Onewheeling that can be reduced by wearing a helmet, understanding how the board works, and riding within the abilities of yourself and your equipment. This new collaboration continues Future Motion’s commitment to safety and in particular the use of helmets whenever riding a Onewheel.

“Having fun and riding safe are what we’re all about,” added Mudd. “Since the beginning we’ve been big advocates for wearing a helmet every time you step on a board. If you show up to go mountain biking and you’re not wearing a helmet your friends are going to laugh at you and probably not let you join the ride unless you get one on your head. We’re building that same culture in the Onewheel community. No Helmet, No Ride.”

Future Motion products are available at www.onewheel.com and at select dealers worldwide. Onewheel Pint retails for $950 and offers riders a range of 6-8 miles with a top speed of 16mph, Onewheel+ XR is available for $1,799 and offers riders a range of 12-18 miles with a top speed of 19mph. Fenders, high-speed Ultrachargers and other Pint accessories are also available at www.onewheel.com.


About Future Motion, Inc

Founded in 2013, Future Motion is committed to designing and developing inspiring vehicles that include both elegant form and unprecedented function. Future Motion’s products, Onewheel Pint and Onewheel+ XR, exemplify its dedication to crafting products that bridge recreation and transportation. Future Motion designs not only the Onewheel product line but also all the subsystems that power it, including custom brushless motors, power electronics and battery modules. Onewheel, which provides a riding experience similar to surfing but on paved or unpaved trails, is perfectly situated in Santa Cruz where the mountains meet the sea. Its products are protected by over 37 issued patents in the U.S. and worldwide.

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