Nuun Expands Availability of Nuun Endurance Into Canada

October 8, 2019

Canadian Retailers and Events Now Offering Nuun Endurance, for Intense Athletic Training and Competition

SEATTLE October 8, 2019 – The functional hydration company Nuun is now offering their new Nuun Endurance formula for purchase in Canada. As the best-selling sports drink supplement brand in sport specialty and natural food retailers in North America and the most-served sports hydration product on-course in Canada, this announcement is welcome news to endurance athletes who have sampled Nuun Endurance in person but been unable to purchase it domestically. This Non-GMO and Informed-Sport verified sports hydration drink-mix is optimized for workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes. The launch arrives just in time to coincide with the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, where Nuun Endurance will be served to runners on-course.

This marks a significant change in on-course hydration for the major Canadian marathon. Previously Gatorade was the main hydration sponsor for the event. However, as more research into hydration science demonstrated the ineffectiveness of traditional sports drink formulas, runners demanded healthier options with cleaner ingredients designed specifically to hydrate for high intensity activities. In the three years since the Ottawa Marathon switched to serving Nuun’s long-distance formula on-course, Race Director John Halvorsen reports that the number of medical incidents after the finish has dropped significantly. With results like that, it’s little wonder that the Toronto Marathon’s switch to Nuun Endurance has been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions from runners seeking effective and healthy on-course hydration.

The Canadian launch of Nuun Endurance is especially poignant for Nuun CEO Kevin Rutherford. A native of Ottawa and regular marathon runner, Rutherford was instrumental in reformulating Nuun products to be vegan, clean and natural, a collection of qualities rarely seen in the performance beverage marketplace. Rutherford feels his Canadian upbringing inspired his desire to be a force of positive change in the world, saying “I’m proud of my Canadian values. For me, it will always be home.”

The formula for Nuun Endurance was developed in partnership with world-renowned Exercise Physiologist and Sports Nutritionist Stacy T.  Sims, PhD. Utilizing her industry-disrupting hydration research, the product is optimized for the added physiological stress the body endures during long-distance and high intensity exercise. Nuun Endurance is comprised of multiple carbohydrate sources and electrolytes in specific quantities that maximize the absorption of fluids and nutrients while minimizing gastric distress.

“Stacy’s research has been game changing for understanding the optimal hydration formulation and precise osmolality for athletic performance,” added Vishal Patel, Nuun’s Senior Research and Development Manager. “With Nuun Endurance, alongside our third-party verified clean ingredient sourcing, we are delivering the best available for both the athlete’s results and health.”

Like all Nuun products, Nuun Endurance is third-party verified Non-GMO, Informed-Sport tested, Kosher, vegan and gluten-free. The line is available in four thirst-quenching flavors: Mixed Berry, Citrus Mango, Lemon Lime and caffeinated Strawberry Lemonade. The caffeine in the Strawberry Lemonade flavor is sourced from organic green coffee beans. With 25 mg per serving, this amount of caffeine delivers clean, sustained energy that can be consumed multiple times over long endurance activities.

Nuun Endurance is available in an 11 oz. canister for $42.95. The product is available on www.nuuncanada.com. Nuun Endurance will be on the shelves soon at major retailers in Canada including Mountain Equipment Co-Op, which will also have exclusive offerings on Lemon Lime and Citrus Mango Nuun Endurance for six months. Participants in the upcoming Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon can also look forward to Nuun Endurance served at hydration stations across the length of the marathon.

About Nuun & Company

Nuun is a hydration company with a mission to inspire more movement. Nuun electrolyte tablets and powders provide functional hydration optimized for exercise, daily health, travel, immune support and rest. Clean and Non-GMO Project verified ingredients, a refreshing taste and low sugar make Nuun a favorite amongst active consumers. Nuun tablets are convenient to carry and add to water, and they are better for the environment than traditional bottled sports drinks. Consumers adding Nuun tablets to their reusable water bottles helped save the shipping of over 100 million pounds of water in 2018 alone. 15-year-old Nuun is the #1 selling sports drink supplement brand in running, cycling, outdoor and natural foods stores. The Seattle-based company has been recognized by Outside Magazine, who ranked Nuun on the 2017 and 2018 ‘Best Places to Work’ lists. To learn more, visit www.nuunlife.com or follow them at @nuunhydration and #nuunlife.