Nix Biosensors Named as Official Supplier of US Speedskating

June 5, 2024

US Speedskating to broaden utilization of Nix Biosensors’ revolutionary hydration biosensing technology to full team monitoring, to improve hydration strategies across all athletes.

BOSTON, MASS — June 5, 2024 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Nix Biosensors, the leading provider of cutting-edge hydration monitoring technology, is proud to announce its partnership with US Speedskating as the National Team rolls out its 2024-2025 roster this week. The expanded integration of Nix Biosensors’ state-of-the-art technology into US Speedskating’s training program will allow coaches and sports dietitians to evaluate the personal hydration needs of each athlete and design customized hydration strategies using this data, setting the stage for peak performance.

The Nix Hydration Biosensor is a groundbreaking device that provides real-time hydration data, empowering athletes to optimize their performance by accurately monitoring their hydration levels. The device uses advanced sensors to quantify both fluid and electrolyte losses, providing athletes with critical decision-support data on their fluid intake needs during training and competition. Research shows that at just 2% dehydration, athletes can incur an endurance performance impairment up to 20%.

“The majority of off-ice training for speed skaters is cycling, which is how the Nix Hydration Biosensor first caught my eye” stated US Speedskating Sports Dietitian, Dr. Jen Day. “We did an initial pilot during which Nix’s technology helped us completely overhaul the hydration strategy for one particular athlete who was struggling with their hydration. It resulted not only in more powerful performance on the ice, but also faster recovery, and even improved sleep. It was a really dramatic change. After that, we didn’t hesitate to roll it out to the entire team.”

Recognizing the pivotal role of hydration in athletes’ overall performance, particularly in high-intensity sports like speed skating, US Speedskating has chosen to work with Nix Biosensors to maximize training optimization and team gains. Nix Biosensors’ non-invasive wearable sensors and advanced analytics platform provide actionable and real-time insights into an athlete’s personal hydration and electrolyte needs. This innovative technology equips US Speedskating’s athletes and coaching staff with actionable data, empowering them to make informed decisions that enhance performance and safety.

“We are thrilled that US Speedskating’s initial success with our technology has led to an official relationship” said Meridith Cass, Nix Biosensors CEO and Founder. “When we launched our product a year and a half ago, it was designed for individual athletes to monitor their own hydration. But, it has always been on our roadmap for coaches, dieticians, and other professionals to benefit from Nix’s hydration data in their support of a full team or group. Our relationship with US Speedskating marks an important upcoming strategic development in the works at Nix.”

The collaboration between Nix Biosensors and US Speedskating represents a shift in the way US teams train and monitor their athletes, with hydration optimization taking center stage. Last month US-based pro-peloton team, EF Pro Cycling, named Nix as an official supplier for the men’s and women’s team, with the similar goal to unlock performance through improved hydration monitoring and strategies. Both teams are utilizing the product via group-monitoring, rather than its traditional individual use. By leveraging Nix’s cutting-edge technology across their full team, US Speedskating is poised to gain a competitive advantage and raise the bar in speed skating as they prepare for their winter season, and beyond.

For more information about Nix Biosensors please visit https://nixbiosensors.com/.

About Nix Biosensors:

Nix is changing the way humans manage health by empowering consumers to access, understand, and act on their personal biology in real time. Nix’s first consumer product is a sweat patch that provides athletes, soldiers, and laborers with hydration data in real-time, helping them optimize safety and performance. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Nix is founded by CEO Meridith Cass, a graduate of Harvard Business School, former VC, and 9-time marathoner. Advisors include Tom Fowler, Former President of Polar; Dr. Bob Murray, Founder and former Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute; Shalane Flanagan, 4x Olympian, Silver Medalist, and 2017 NYC Marathon Champion; and Tatyana McFadden, the 5x Olympian and 17x Medalist. Learn more at nixbiosensors.com.

About US Speed Skating

US Speedskating athletes have won 91 Olympic medals, making it one of the most successful sports in U.S. Olympic history. The organization sets the stage for success by providing support, from local clubs to Olympic teams, and nurtures an atmosphere that encourages growth in the speedskating community. USS is recognized as the governing body for the sport of speed skating in the United States and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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