New Fitness Platform ReadyFit Launches Mobile Military Physical Fitness Testing

May 24, 2023

Coronado, CA /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ –  ReadyFit, a mobile fitness testing platform, officially launched today to provide aspiring and current military service members with a tool to maintain physical fitness standards, while also providing a tool for military leaders to assist with recruiting and monitor individual unit readiness.

ReadyFit administers the official physical fitness test for every branch of service – Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines plus special forces assessments; and aims to be the official physical fitness testing and data platform for all branches of the military. The platform offers the official and exact military tests with standardized scoring, ensuring aspiring candidates are ready to serve and active duty and reserve members stay physically fit and qualified for their jobs.

“ReadyFit was created with a mission to ensure that our nation is always physically ready for service,” said Jamie Monroe, founder of ReadyFit. “The platform provides users with a tool that helps them meet military fitness standards and properly prepare for a career in the military. We strive to be a solution for military leaders while supporting the health and wellness of the next generation of America’s fighting forces.”

Users of the ReadyFit app can see how they rank against official military fitness standards, and current service members can use the app to maintain deployment-ready qualifications. In the coming months, ReadyFit will also provide customized individual coaching based on the user’s fitness level and the requirements of their chosen branch of service. Users can track their progress, monitor their performance, and receive real-time feedback to help them identify areas where they need to improve.

ReadyFit’s mission is to be the system of record for military fitness results, digitally transforming standardized fitness testing. Currently, only 23% of Americans aged 17-24 are qualified for service, primarily due to fitness and obesity. ReadyFit plans to connect with today’s generation digitally, informing them of service fitness requirements and creating a solution for leaders to combat the obesity epidemic and recruiting national security crisis.

ReadyFit is now available for download in the App Store. For more information, please visit Readyfit.com/.

New Fitness Platform ReadyFit Launches Mobile Military Physical Fitness Testing

  • ReadyFit is a revolutionary fitness testing platform that allows users to take an official military fitness test from anywhere to meet readiness standards to qualify for service.
  • ReadyFit utilizes a mobile app and secure cloud grading platform. After a user takes a test, fitness data and results are submitted for verification to a grader. Passing candidates are subsequently provided test certification.
  • ReadyFit offers official, current, graded physical fitness tests for every branch of service – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and select special forces – ensuring that aspiring military candidates are ready to serve

About ReadyFit

ReadyFit is a mobile application that offers verifiable, consistent, and accurate physical fitness tests and assessments for each branch of the military that eliminates the need for in-person testing by using smart- phones/watches, video, and GPS technology.

ReadyFit is a subsidiary of EasyDay Sports, a leading endurance sport and fitness company focused on delivering exceptional experiences with a tireless commitment to excellence. Visit easydaysports.com for more information

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