Neurun Launches Visualization Platform for Runners

September 7, 2021

Innovative visual preparation app helps athletes mentally prepare for race day Neurun announces official partnerships with three premier west coast marathons and an international trail-running competition

BOSTON – September 7, 2021 – Neurun, today announced an all-new pre-race visualization technology to help athletes mentally prepare for race day. Targeted at runners at all levels preparing for road and trail races, Neurun combines interactive video tours, terrain data, and motivational course strategy tips from local coaches to help you achieve your personal best.

“When we train for races, we spend so much time preparing our bodies to handle the rigors of race day, but what do we do to prepare our minds?” said Cade Netscher, founder and CEO of Neurun. “That’s where Neurun comes in. Runners are able to educate themselves on all the ins and outs of the course by scrolling through smooth HD footage, layered with clickable course strategy notes, so they show up to the start line with the mental confidence to perform their best.”

The app has signed agreements with the upcoming San Francisco Marathon, California International Marathon (CIM), Big Sur Marathon and the Adidas INFINITE TRAILS. The race partnerships are fueled by mental preparation tips from local running experts, fitness coaches and race ambassadors to help motivate and educate runners as they set out to achieve their race day goals.

“Being able to visualize major course elevation changes, aid stations, windy sections, all the way down to the road or trail surface, can positively impact your performance on race day,” says Ben Markoch, co-founder and Head of Design at Neurun. “We are excited to partner with 3 of the most popular and respected road races in California and internationally this fall at the Adidas INFINITE TRAILS in Austria.”

“What’s most appealing about this new app is that it helps eliminate surprises on race day,” said two-time San Francisco Marathon champion Jorge Maravilla, who contributed the coaching notes for the upcoming event. “As an athlete I love the immersiveness of the course tour video. It’s a very user-friendly, visual experience that helps you mentally prepare for each step of your journey.”

“Neurun is not only a game changer for trail running athletes, but for race organizers as well,” said Mike Hamel, Adidas INFINITE TRAILS Race Director. “To know that participants have seen the course, are familiar with the layout and undulations increases the likelihood of having a great experience and a safe experience.”

Users can download the Neurun app on the iOS or Android app stores now. To learn more about Neurun’s partnerships or upcoming races, visit neurun.com.

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Neurun aims to help with the mental aspect of the race, regardless of whether you’re a top-level competitor, or are simply trying to finish your first race. For more information, or to download the app, please visit Neurun.com.

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