Need a little help creating your brand’s Content Marketing Strategy?

January 10, 2020

Create your content marketing roadmap at Peak Content Summit

Need a little help figuring out your content marketing strategy?

You’re not alone, according to Peak Content Summit host Tyler Benedict. That’s why they’re kicking off the content marketing conference with a complete “how to” presentation by StoryFuel founder, Melanie Deziel.

Deziel coaches brands and content creators on the who, where, what, and when of content marketing. But most importantly, she teaches the how and the why, too.

“A lot of conferences and events get everyone hyped up, then they go home and aren’t quite sure of the next steps,” says event host Tyler Benedict. “Thanks to Melanie’s program, everyone will leave Peak Content Summit with a clear plan and understanding of what to do and why they’re doing it.”

“And that ‘why’ element is one of the most critical parts. If you don’t understand why you’re doing something, it’s easy to get off track and waste time, energy and money producing content that doesn’t deliver results.”

Combined with Peak Content Summit’s other speakers, the curriculum will take brand managers, marketers, publishers, content creators, and influencers through the entire process of developing, planning and executing an effective content marketing strategy. Speakers include the CEO of Harmon Brothers, the agency behind the massively viral Squatty Potty and Poo-Pourri video campaigns; GoPro’s creative team; GearJunkie’s founder; StoryFuel’s Melanie Deziel; and more. There’ll also be tactical sessions on video, SEO, content mapping, and how, where and why to place your content. The latter includes a session on how to work with retailers, social media and the press to maximize reach.

“I’ve seen Melanie captivate an audience of almost 1,000 people,” says Benedict. “It’s an honor to have her as the first speaker at our event, and I know attendees will be blown away by the foundation her program will give them. Then we’ll build on that over the rest of the two days!”

Peak Content Summit will be held in Asheville, NC, on March 12-13, 2020. Registration is open now, Advance Ticket pricing ends January 30, 2020. See the full curriculum and speaker list, and get on their email list for more updates, at http://www.peakcontentsummit.com.