Murf Electric Bikes Empowers Riders with Tips for Bike Safety Awareness Month

May 20, 2024

From helmets to high beams, Murf Electric Bikes drives home the importance of safety with a video on the do’s and don’ts when riding electric bikes

San Clemente, CA /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Murf Electric Bikes, a pioneering force in the e-bike industry since its inception in 2016, is committed to promoting road safety for cyclists in honor of National Bicycle Safety Month this May. In recognition of the shared responsibility on the roads, Murf emphasizes the critical need for both motorists and cyclists to prioritize safety and respect each other’s rights.

This annual initiative, supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (N.H.T.S.A.), aims to remind both bicyclists and motorists to share the road responsibly. Murf Electric Bikes aligns with this mission, urging everyone to obey traffic laws and respect each other’s rights during this crucial month and beyond.

“At Murf Electric Bikes, our commitment goes beyond crafting cutting-edge e-bikes; it extends to fostering a culture of safety on the roads,” explains Murf CEO and Founder, Josh Jones. “As cyclists ourselves, we understand the vulnerability that comes with two wheels. We believe in empowering riders with the freedom of electric biking while emphasizing the paramount importance of responsible and safe riding. National Bicycle Safety Month serves as a poignant reminder that every journey should be an adventure, and every adventure should be safe.”

Murf Electric Bikes is dedicated to revolutionizing urban commuting and outdoor experiences, and urges motorists to remain vigilant and avoid distractions or impairment while driving. In fact, Murf created a video with teachers and parents in mind to especially share with newer e-bike riders, highlighting the importance of bike safety in a fun way, which can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qk8aXeCuL8

To enhance the safety of cyclists, Murf Electric Bikes uses the video to demonstrate:

  • How to choose and properly wear a helmet
  • The importance of closed-toed shoes
  • Standing out with high-visibility clothing
  • Tire maintenance and where to find the recommended tire PSI
  • What should be completed as part of the pre-ride checklist

Jones concludes, “National Bicycle Safety Month serves as a timely reminder for all cyclists, whether beginners or experienced riders, to prioritize safety, not just in May, but year-round. As the weather warms up and more people are out riding, we hope both kids and adults use these tips to stay safe, so everyone can have an enjoyable experience.”

Learn more about Murf’s full fleet of e-bikes and accessories, as well as what sets the Murf community apart, at murfelectricbikes.com.

About Murf Electric Bikes

Founded in 2016 in San Clemente, CA, Murf E-Bikes is a trailblazing brand committed to revolutionizing urban commuting and outdoor adventures. Its e-bikes seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with sleek design, delivering powerful, yet comfortable solutions for cyclists of all levels. With an array of models tailored for diverse riding experiences, Murf E-Bikes offers approachable options and unbeatable customer service to all those looking to unleash fun. Learn more at https://murfelectricbikes.com/.

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