Multiple Bike Brands Now Using Fitted To Optimize Wholesale B2B Experience

April 14, 2023

Bike brands join wide variety of outdoor brands reaping benefits like up-front payments, one-stop ordering for retailers and more

Eagle, Idaho (April 14, 2023)  /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Fitted– the all-in-one B2B sales platform for a wide range of outdoor brands/retailers – continues to build on its recent move into the cycling realm with multiple major bike brands adopting their platform. In recent months Fitted, has partnered with Berria, Lee Cougan, and Basso (all three via the Cycle Distribution Network), along with Econic One, Blaupunkt, SWFT, and NOX Cycles, all of which have launched their wholesale business on the platform.

This universal B2B partnership aims to create a collaborative and seamless approach to wholesale business. Among other benefits, brands enjoying Fitted’s industry-first universal B2B experience receive up-front payments on all orders, while their retailers can now see real-time inventory availability – for all their participating brands – on one site and make the purchases from a single, universal cart. They can also unlock additional payment optionality, brand discounts and dating options.

With the wealth of benefits Fitted offers, brands can accelerate conversion rates and boost average order size by up to 22%. Furthermore, Fitted’s platform allows retailers to view new and actionable inventory data, allowing them to make strategic business decisions that drive revenue and growth.

Fitted is thrilled to partner with these seven major bike/e-bike brands to provide a service that will help these brands and their retailers. “Retail’s future lies in innovation, and we couldn’t be more excited and proud to partner with Berria, Lee Cougan, Basso, Econic One, Blaupunkt, SWFT, and NOX Cycle, who are trailblazing the way by partnering with Fitted to offer a new and innovative way for their retailers to order products,” says Monte Keleher, Fitted’s CEO & Co-Founder.

“These bike and ebike brands are big players in the bike specialty industry and having them all on Fitted creates a universal ordering experience that their retailers have never experienced before. By taking on some of the time-consuming and cumbersome wholesale operations for these brands and their retailers,” adds Keleher, “we are giving them back the time to build new products, spend connecting with customers, and other activities that fulfill their passions. We can’t wait to see how this partnership further enhances the wholesale experience for these brands and their retailers.”

Additionally, Berria, Lee Cougan, Basso, Econic One, Blaupunkt, SWFT, and NOX Cycle will unlock the power to see the success and demand for a product within moments, dynamically move product, preserve higher margins, and connect with retailers like never before. By buying through Fitted, all their retailers unlock additional payment optionality, brand discounts, and dating options, gain access to greater inventory visibility, and automated order updates. Selling on Fitted ultimately improves product distribution, increases sales, and sparks enhanced collaboration between these brands and their retailers.

Fitted’s myriad of benefits are clear to Brian Tedesco, President/CEO Blaupunkt Americas. “From the day Blaupunkt went live, Fitted made onboarding and transition seamless and easy,” he says. “Their B2B platform is state-of-the-art while combining live customer support when we need it. Today Fitted is an invaluable part of Blaupunkt operations, allowing us to focus on sales to drive the business.”

Craig Steyn, Director at Cycling Distribution Network, agrees: “Fitted is a vital part of building an effective and efficient logistics system into retail. Placing CDN brands on the Fitted platform not only benefits the brands and dealers but ultimately leads to an inventory management system that is more efficient and cost effective.”

About Fitted:

Fitted streamlines connectivity between brands and retailers by unlocking the ability to view inventory, manage orders, and simplify payments – all on a single platform. On Fitted, brands get paid immediately on all orders and gain access to real-time visibility into their retailers’ inventory. Retailers unlock flexible payment terms and the ability to place all their brand orders in one place. Using Fitted’s platform, brands and retailers optimize orders and payments, unlock unprecedented inventory insights, and open new communication channels. We aim to transform the retail industry by making it easier and more efficient for brands and retailers to do business together – creating an elevated wholesale experience for everyone.