MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition Presents How Magnesium Helps Female Endurance Athletes

January 17, 2020

Providing mineral education on women’s health

Clermont, Florida-(January 17, 2020) – MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition will be presenting to  Ironman Champion Angela Naeth’s IRLAG team Camp in Clermont FL 1/17/2020, on how Magnesium affects female endurance athletes and relieves monthly hormonal issues. Magnesium has been in the nutritional spotlight for the past 2 years and is ‘toeing the line’ with female endurance athletes to help provide monthly PMS relief and elevate performance.

“The end goal is to educate on how and when to use Magnesium to reduce monthly issues and prevent negative long term outcomes, while improving performance”, stated Theresa Seaquist, Mineral Specialist and CEO for MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition. “The way our endurance community needs to look at nutrition; especially minerals, is from a ‘helicopter view’ because of how minerals work in the body.”

Female nutrition is not only unique to the female athlete, it is unique to ‘each’ female athlete due to individual metabolic processes. This will be the first 2020 presentation offered by MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition to elite triathlon training camps and partnering multisport teams.

MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition provides premium personalized nutrition for endurance athletes. The female product development team has a combined 50 years of formulating supplements and ingredient knowledge, specializing in mineral absorption and plant based nutrients. Please email Theresa@moxilife.com  for additional information and or visit moxilife.com  FB and IG