MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition Launches Wholesale Portal

January 22, 2020

Now Accepting eCommerce Retail Partnerships

Now Accepting eCommerce Retail Partnerships

Scottsdale, Arizona-( January 22, 2020) – MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition announces a wholesale portal link on moxilife.com for, multisport, running, natural health and bicycle brick and mortar retail orders. Providing seamless, efficient customer service to both direct online customers and domestic retail partners is the MOXiLIFE platform for 2020.

“The portal was developed to provide our wholesale partners with a seamless means of placing orders and maximizing efficiencies”, stated Michael Woodard; Director of Operations. “While future expansion plans include growing our broker network, we also wanted to expedite our expansion via easy online access for our retailers.”

The initial set up process requires a current TAX ID NUMBER and a Resale Certificatefor business validation. An account will be established allowing immediate access to all wholesale pricing, a quick order form and provides the ability to look at past orders and edit account details. Credit cards & NET 30 terms; upon request, will be accepted.

International expansion is anticipated in 2021 as domestic growth has doubled each year and global Athletes are requesting product availability.

About MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition

MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition provides premium personalized nutrition for endurance athletes. The female product development team has a combined 50 years of formulating supplements and in-depth ingredient knowledge; specializing in mineral absorption and plant based nutrients. Please email Michael.woodard@moxilife.com  for additional information and or visit moxilife.com  FB and IG