MOXiLIFE® Nutrition Debuts an ‘Online Biomarker Testing’ partnership with PersonaLabs

May 26, 2020

Understanding our Nutrient Deficiencies are Vital to Health and Maximizing Performance

Scottsdale AZ May 26th, 2020 – MOXiLIFE® Nutrition; a female founded Endurance Sports Nutrition Company starting June 1st in partnership with PersonaLabs, will provide personalized online blood testing for endurance athletes. The data derived from personalized testing can target nutrient deficiencies prior to symptoms an endurance athlete might experience due to excessive training and or an imbalanced diet. The tests are specific to the most common nutrient deficiencies and metabolic dysfunctions found in both male and female athletes.

COVID19 has accelerated the need for athletes to understand their bodies at much higher and more detailed levels for health and sports performance.

PersonaLabs is a privately-held health care company dedicated to providing American consumers with fast, easy and affordable access to:

  • Blood tests and lab tests that can provide vital insights to one’s current state of health,
  • Physician consultations from the comfort of their home or office, and
  • Prescriptions for some conditions

The privacy and security of the test results are sent to a secure patient portal and a team of board certified physicians are available for data review. In most cases, lab test results are available within 24-48 hours following receipt of blood sample.

The MOXiLIFE® Personalized Biomarker Testing platform has the following tests now available:

Endurance Baseline Vitamin D Complete Panel
Magnesium RBC Iron Ferritin
Basic Female Hormone Panel Complete Electrolyte Panel
Testosterone Free and Total  

Each of these tests have been selected to identify the most required nutrient levels of endurance athletes and can provide excellent data to next steps in a nutrition and supplementation regime. Our partner, PersonaLabs offers a simple and efficient service to obtain this information, and offers complementary evaluations of the results.

Athletes searching for data to dial in their metabolism need to start personalized testing while training. A suggested protocol would be to test at the beginning of a 4 week phase and retest following a long and robust training week. The online testing is currently only available in the US.

About MOXiLIFE® Nutrition

MOXiLIFE® Nutrition is a female founded Sports Nutrition Company seeking to empower athletes with hydration and nutrition products to enhance their performance. Our interest is to educate and provide an understanding of individual nutrients and how to enhance  with clinically validated products and services. MOXiLIFE® offers Hydration, Nutrition and supplements tailored to an athletes personalized requirements and needs. MOXiLIFE® Nutrition products are NON GMO, Vegan Friendly, Gut Healthy, organic, low sugar, and  are rigorously vetted & tested.  The Scottsdale-based, 4-year-old company offers the best tasting, efficacious sports nutrition and hydration product line. MOXiLIFE® is also the first Sports Nutrition company to offer online blood testing services for athletes. To learn more, visit MOXiLIFE www.MOXiLIFE.com or follow MOXiLIFE® at @moxilife and #moxilife #moxilifenutrition.