MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ and Gritty2gether Connecting Female Athletes

July 25, 2020

Building Bridges with Like Minded Women

Scottsdale, Arizona – (July 25, 2020) – MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ announces a sponsorship with the fast growing female athlete community platform; Gritty2gether, the latest ‘brainchild’ of Angela Naeth: Pro Triathlete and founder of the all-women’s team Iracelikeagirl. Gritty2gether is connecting women with endurance sport interests like triathlon, cycling, and running to connect, meet, chat and learn from like-minded women. Gritty2gether is a FREE community platform for all active women.

“MOXiLIFE Nutrition developed a relationship with Angela in 20019 due to her Lyme issues and Magnesium requirements. This quickly turned into a sponsorship agreement and now has developed into a wonderful symbiotic partnership supporting her Iracelikeagirl team and Gritty2gether”, quotes Theresa Seaquist: MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ founder and CEO.

Since the Women for Tri ‘meltdown’, female endurance athletes need a safe community to rebuild respect and trust, and a place to discuss all ‘active endurance’ topics.”

Gritty2gether founder Angela Naeth extends her mission as, “Empowering and supporting women in various stages of their endurance journey, that are seeking personal growth through endurance sports.”

The Gritty2gether community enables introductions to other female athletes nearby; or globally, who have similar interests in athletic endeavors, and an active lifestyle. Gritty2gether provides access to a community of women who are there to listen, share information and offer valuable advice, and to create global connections across the women’s endurance community.

Gritty2gether.com invites all female athletes to sign up and join in on the conversations, meet and great women from around the globe and participate in their ambassador program.

MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ provides premium, gut healthy personalized nutrition for endurance athletes. The female product development team has a combined 50 years of formulating supplements and in-depth ingredient knowledge; specializing in mineral absorption and plant-based nutrients. Please email theresa@moxilife.com for additional information and or visit moxilife.com  FB and IG