MOTTIV Training App Reduces Subscription Fee by 65%

February 28, 2023

MOTTIV is making training for endurance races more affordable.

VANCOUVER, CANADA /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – MOTTIV, an athlete-run company dedicated to ensuring endurance sports and the transformations they bring are accessible to everyone, today launched MOTTIV 2.0, an all-encompassing training and motivation app for runners at every level. After extensive beta testing, new functions have been added including an athlete dashboard where users can instantly see what they have to do that day and if they’re on track to reach their goals as well as a personalized and guided sign-up experience to make it easy for athletes to get started. MOTTIV 2.0 is also being introduced at a lower price point, making it more widely accessible.

MOTTIV 2.0 is designed for the ordinary age groupers who have real lives, families, busy jobs, but want to challenge themselves to accomplish something extraordinary in a way that’s meaningful to them. The app coordinates preparation for all different races and distances. The training plans, strength workouts, mobility workouts, and nutrition recommendations are written by experts in their niche. The app also uses algorithms to look at what the athletes’ goals are, and it pulls from the expert services to create one cohesive and effective plan. It then keeps athletes motivated to follow the plan and reach their goals.

“We have created the only app with training plans designed specifically to overcome the challenges ordinary people face in accomplishing something extraordinary in endurance sports,” Triathlete and MOTTIV CEO Taren Gesell said. “We want to make it clear that everyone can change their life with endurance sports, and the pursuit of all goals no matter how big or small should be celebrated.”

MOTTIV users can add any race from 5k to Ultramarathon running events, sprint to Ironman distance triathlons, cycling events, duathlons, and swim runs by simply entering the dates of their races and how much they want to train. The algorithms then create a plan that will get them ready for all of their races.

“Our app has helped people get on the podium in local races and qualify for world championships. Our athletes have shared their performance with our app is better than what they’ve received with 1-1 coaches and less expensive,” Gesell added.

This all-in-one endurance personalized training system coordinates endurance workouts, guided video strength and mobility workouts, nutrition guidance for every workout and stats tracking, all unlimited for $19.99/mo or $179.99/yr (less than the price of just one month of most 1-1 endurance coaches).

For more information about MOTTIV and the price reduction from the CEO visit mymottiv.com