Mirrorless Nikon Has “Lift Off” In Space-Enabled Sports Photography

May 19, 2021

Nikon Z6II selected by AWOL as the best camera currently available for real-time event photography, coming to an event near you

19th May, Lancashire United Kingdom – A UK space company has selected the cutting-edge Nikon Z 6 II mirrorless camera as the core imaging component of its space-enabled, live event photography service. This service is set to boost participant engagement and spectator engagement, helping the recovery of an industry greatly impacted by COVID-19, and currently bouncing back with Mass Participation Events now being held.

In partnership with the UK and European Space Agencies, Lancashire-based tech firm AWOL Adventure have been developing a service to deliver real-time event photography for the first time – removing the unnecessary waiting time for images after a sporting event.

The Nikon camera is a key part of the ability to upload images live, in terms of image quality, usability in the hands of professional photographers, and technical compatibility with hardware.

AWOL has already sent several teams to events across the UK, armed with the new Nikons, and final preparations are being made for the unveiling of the new live service in the next few weeks. With their cameras linked via satellite to AWOL’s service, GPS data and image recognition, images will be identified and delivered as live alerts directly to friends, family and the media, according to the participants’ privacy choices.

Rich Burnett, Ops Director at AWOL said:

“Sports Event Photographers typically use just half of their camera’s true capabilities, leaving a raft of features unexploited, including the high-speed transfer of files whilst still shooting.”

“Our tests were designed to find out which cameras were compatible with “live”, including keeping up with real-world finish line volumes of in excess of 5 images per second over several hours, fast and intelligent autofocus performance, efficient image compression and long battery life. Most camera brands hit some of our KPIs, and we confirm our service is compatible with most modern cameras out there, but Nikon’s D6 and Z6ii both performed well above the required standard in all areas. The Z6II’s competitive price and smaller form factor won the day in the end.”

Julian Harvie, Head of Marketing at Nikon Northern Europe said:

We are delighted to have the Z 6II recognised by AWOL for its speed and power. Nikon has a proven track record of photography innovation over the last 100+ years and we are proud to be able to support AWOL with their ground-breaking technology concept, delivering lightning fast imagery in the sporting events sector and beyond.’

Graham Turnock, CEO of the UK Space Agency, said:

“Space is a glue that joins together many of the practical parts of our everyday lives, from how we bank to our food delivery. But it also supports technologies like sports photography that make life more fun.

“AWOL’s concept will help revolutionise the quality and the speed of sports photography and I am certain anyone who has taken part in these kinds of events will look forward to using this service.”

About the Space Sector:

The UK space sector is an economic success story, growing by over 60% since 2010. The sector already supports £300 billion of UK economic activity through the use of satellite services, and the government has established a new National Space Council to consider how space policy can enhance the country’s prosperity and place in the world, as well as our security interests.

The UK continues to be a leading member of the European Space Agency, which is independent of the EU, having committed a record investment of £374 million per year in November 2019. Satellites support the economy and everyday life and this is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries.

About AWOL:

Established 8 years, AWOL is a Northwest-based digital company specialising in Sports Event Technology, and is responsible for previous major innovations around image recognition and rapid availability (via https://awol.io)

Headline clients include London Marathon Events, Human Race Events, Castle Race Series, Events of the North and Chester Marathon as well as approximately 100 events annually from across the UK and abroad.

The £900,000 project sits under the ESA Business Applications programme, funded by the UK Space Agency.