Meet hDrop Gen 2, the First Reusable Hydration Wearable

June 19, 2023

hDrop launches its second generation sweat analytics wearable

LITTLE ROCK, AR (June 19, 2023)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – hDrop Technologies Inc., an innovator company in sports wearable technology, is excited to announce the launch of the second generation of its cutting-edge hydration wearable, hDrop Gen 2. This advanced wearable revolutionizes sweat testing for athletes, making the process easy, flexible, and affordable, without the need of using disposable patches.

The hDrop wearable helps athletes manage their hydration effectively by analyzing biomarkers in their sweat. It enables users to understand when, what, and how much they need to drink to perform optimally during their activities. The real-time data from the device could help prevent health issues related to dehydration such as muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, and fatigue, thus improving athletic performance.

The new hDrop Gen 2 is sustainable and affordable, thanks to its reusable electrode proprietary sensor, and offers a flexible design that can be clipped to watches, clothes, or used with the provided straps. It comes equipped with numerous advanced features like a sweat loss tracker, sweat rate tracker, sodium and potassium sweat concentrations, and a temperature sensor. The device is easy to wear and integrates seamlessly with the user activities and workouts, operating with a rechargeable battery.

hDrop Gen 2 is also designed to integrate with your gadgets, and comes with a dedicated hDrop App, compatible with Android, iOS, and Garmin Apps, offering comprehensive analytics of your sweat profile to help optimize your workouts.

Excitingly, hDrop is offering a pre-order discount for the early adopters. Those who have purchased hDrop Gen 1 can avail a discount on the new device. An exclusive pre-order discount is also available for a limited period. These offers are available until the end of July.

All pre-orders will include the hDrop device, a USB cable, a protective case, and straps. Shipping of the pre-orders is expected to start in Q4 2023.

For more information about the new hDrop Gen 2, please visit our website at https://hdroptech.com

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hDrop is a technology company focused on creating innovative solutions to enhance the performance of athletes. Our wearable technologies deliver real-time data to athletes, helping them manage their hydration and achieve their peak performance.

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