Marathon-Photos now LIVE in UK

August 10, 2021

Live photography launched in UK - images available to runners the second they crossed the finish line at London Triathlon.

August 10, 2021. World-leading endurance photography company Marathon-Photos.com has forged ahead with LIVE photography since introducing its new service and website in April.

This weekend, MarathonPhotos.Live officially launched in the UK.  Athletes in London Triathlon – and their supporters – could see their photos online within seconds of passing a camera both on course and at the finish.

The company first photographed live at Oxford Half Marathon in 2015 and Managing Director Francis Kay admits to having an office full of prototypes.  Now with portable units easily worn by photographers, the possibilities are limitless he says.

Event cancellations across the globe last year gave Marathon Photos’ programming team the chance they needed to finely tune the Live software and design the units. The weekend’s success in the UK proved that the company is now ready for the rest of the world.

“We were thrilled with the speed of the Live photography,” said Marathon Photos UK managing partner Chris Parry.

“The units are so discrete and mobile, we can take them anywhere.  These days, people want photos instantly and LIVE delivers on that.  Live photography will become our new normal.”

MarathonPhotos.Live can also deliver images straight into event apps and results sites, said Mr Kay.

“We’ve developed a product that we can easily expand worldwide.  It will appeal to both athletes and event organisers.”

About Marathon-Photos.com

Started in 1999, Marathon-Photos.com was first in the world to promote marathon photos on the internet searchable by name or race number. It was first to offer personal race video online and first to offer products containing personal results.  The company has photographed more than 8000 events in 70 countries, with more than 200 million images of 30 million athletes.  Images remain online permanently.  Visit MarathonPhotos.live


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