LUNA Sandals Launches Pro Purchase Program

January 17, 2020

LUNA Sandals, the original U.S. manufacturer of performance sandals promoting natural running, is thrilled to officially launch their first Pro Purchase Program. This program aims to benefit those currently employed as outdoor and wellness professionals including outdoor guides, running coaches, personal trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, yoga instructors, employees of outdoor retail shops and more.

As pioneers of the minimalist footwear movement, and fueled by founder Barefoot Ted’s contribution to the book Born to Run, LUNA has been bringing the simple and wildly effective benefits of running in zero drop, huarache-inspired sandals into the mainstream since 2010. As a well integrated member of the outdoor community, LUNA is excited to put a more formal program in place to reward outdoor professionals with VIP access to LUNA products.

LUNA Sandals is an award winning American manufacturer of footwear based in Seattle, and is inspired by age-old designs that free the feet, allowing them to become stronger-with-use the natural way. LUNAs reward you with sustainable foot health and performance through the simple joy of movement with every step.

The program is now open to applicants in outdoor and wellness professions. Apply here: https://lunasandals.com/pages/luna-pro-purchase-program