Knog Announces New Rear Bike Light With Optimal Versatility

July 21, 2022

Blinder Link enhances road visibility with multiple mounting options

July 21, 2022 – Melbourne, Australia /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Dedicated to making fresh and ‘unboring’ things, bike and outdoor lighting accessory designer Knog presents riders with a new and incredibly versatile rear bike light: the Blinder Link. Available in both a rack and saddle mounting system, the Blinder Link allows riders the freedom to choose where to mount their tail light based on the type of riding they do.

The latest addition to the innovative brand’s “to be seen by” collection, the Blinder Link is designed with two separate mounting systems, each allowing for optimal road visibility. Blinder Link Rack affixes to the rear of any rack, leaving an unobstructed view of the light to other road users, while Blinder Link Saddle mounts just below the saddle, keeping the seatpost clear of clutter and at the best position for maximum visibility. With Blinder Link Rack, commuters and bikepackers now have a seamless option that mounts perfectly to their racks. With Blinder Link Saddle, riders who prefer a more minimal setup can now easily mount their rear light directly under the saddle without taking up vital seatpost space. “More and more, we see people loading up their bikes and using them like a vehicle, especially in major cities,” says co-founder and designer Hugo Davidson. “And with those added panniers, or bags, we see less and less room to mount clearly visible lights. So we wanted to find a creative way to take our beloved Blinder V design and incorporate it into a new mounting style– one that would still be visible on a cargo bike with a rack full of groceries.”

Blinder Link Saddle

Weighing in at 77 g (Saddle) and 74g (Rack), Blinder Link is lightweight, super bright, and 100% waterproof (IP67). Using the latest in advanced Chip on Board (COB) LED Technology, Blinder Link packs a punch with a powerful 100 lumens, producing a clear, bright, and consistent light beam. The Blinder Link has eight modes to choose from, including a 50+ hour eco-flash runtime and an impressive four hour run time on its highest light mode. Whether you are looking for the best battery life or the most eye-catching light pattern, the Link has a multitude of options to pick from. Designed for both saddle and rack mounting, Blinder Link Rack fits 50mm or 80mm spacing for most common racks-carriers and Blinder Link Saddle provides a universal saddle rail mount that’s easy to fit and secure. Adding to its multifaceted design, both Blinder Link mounting options are clip wearable, allowing riders to attach the light anywhere they wish for additional visibility. When the Blinder Link’s USB-C rechargeable battery dips below 10% of its remaining charge, a convenient LED lights up red to let the rider know it’s time to recharge.

Blinder Link Rack

Retailing at $59.95 USD, both the Blinder Link Saddle and Blinder Link Rack will be available to consumers later this summer at www.us.knog.com. For more information regarding Blinder Link, direct inquiries to Katie Richter at katie@darbycommunications.com. For all distribution inquiries, contact International Sales Manager Colin@knog.com.au.

About Knog

Knog was founded in 2002 as an Australia-based outdoor product company. We are the lovechild of co-founders Hugo Davidson (designer) and Mal McKechnie (engineer) who shared the same vision: to make unboring things. Our products are not only for the city. Urban to us is modern, progressive, youthful, design-driven, daring, and hedonistic. We like to sprinkle some of this urban flavor across all our cycling and outdoor products. Learn more about Knog at www.us.knog.com


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