Kelly Herron Joins RunBuddy as Chief Marketing Officer

July 21, 2020

Self-Defense advocate and survivor welcomed as co-founder and marketing lead

Worcester, MA – Kelly Herron (Spring Lake, NJ), a long-time runner and runner safety advocate, was announced today as the Chief Marketing Officer for RunBuddy, Inc.

Kelly has an unenviable perspective on runner safety. While on a training run for the Boston Marathon, she was brutally attacked. But she fought back. Hard. For 8-minutes. Eventually trapping her assailant in the park bathroom where the ambush began.

Despite the trauma of the experience, Kelly brought it in a positive direction – which speaks volumes of her character. In 2017, she formed her Not Today project to inspire others to learn self-defense and to not let fear hold anyone back from doing the things they love – like running where and when and with whom they want. Through her tireless and emotional effort, Kelly has emerged as a thought leader within the global distance running community.

“We’re still pinching ourselves!” said Ruthie Sutter, Chief Executive Officer of RunBuddy. “She is the absolute best possible representation of our mission at RunBuddy.”

Built by husband and wife team, Ruthie and Scott Sutter, RunBuddy aims to make endurance sport safer. RunBuddy is the smartphone app that will advocate for you and get attention to your situation when you may not be able to. RunBuddy sends automated messages to select “Buddies”, alerting them you have begun and ended an activity, and allows the Buddies to follow you in real-time. Should you stop moving, move too fast, or your phone is smashed, RunBuddy will send automated alerts to your Buddies. RunBuddy also provides a digital “Panic Button” to hit if you need the immediate attention of your Buddies.

To learn more about RunBuddy, please visit GetRunBuddy.com.


About RunBuddy:

RunBuddy is the smartphone app designed to be a GPS-based alarm system for the endurance sport community. Because RunBuddy only requires a smartphone and a 99-cent per month subscription – RunBuddy democratizes a robust level of security to an enormous swath of the marketplace.

More info on RunBuddy can be found at www.GetRunBuddy.app.

About Not Today:

Not Today was founded by Kelly Herron to prepare the running community for a worst-case scenario by cultivating a foundation of self-defense and warrior mindset.

More info on Not Today can be found at www.nottoday.run.