Keep Sharp This Summer: Indoor Training Helps Cyclists Maintain Peak Performance Year-Round

July 11, 2024

JOIN leverages the world’s best indoor training platforms to enhance metrics like five-minute power which tends to fade as riders focus on longer days in the saddle

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, July 11, 2024/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – JOIN, the adaptive cycling training app, is excited to help cyclists maintain their key fitness metrics by riding indoors on platforms like Zwift, Trainer Road & Woosh even during the summer riding season when riders tend to lose their peak abilities (as measured by metrics like five minute power) in favor of endurance. JOIN is available in five languages for iOS and Android.

According to a study done by JOIN, their users see on average a 3,9% increase in FTP (the highest average power a cyclist can sustain for one hour) and a 4,8% increase in their five minute power over the months from January up until May when also the percentage of VO2max activities are ramped up from 9% in January to 22% in May. This coincides with increased indoor training and associated high-intensity workouts.

JOIN founder and CEO Jim van den Berg expands, saying “incorporating more HIIT training, up to a certain limit, results in both better VO2max and endurance capacity. Our data and the current literature shows that. But we also see cyclists struggling with doing these workouts outside with traffic, changes in terrain, and other conditions making it hard to hit their intervals. Doing one out of every five rides indoors, whether it’s a Zwift race or a structured VO2max workout, even in summer, is the right combination to make riders both fast and fit.”

“The combination of JOIN’s personalized training and Zwift’s immersive indoor cycling experience is a powerful one for any cyclist looking to optimize their performance year-round,” added van den Berg.

Mark Cote, Head of Product at Zwift, added, “Zwift is no longer just an activity you do in winter – it’s an essential part of efficient and effective training year-round. We’re proud to partner with platforms like JOIN to create a safe, convenient, and social destination for training so athletes can put in the most important efforts to drive their fitness.”

Whether training to dominate the local group ride or excel at a top-tier gravel event, JOIN offers dynamic and flexible training plans that adapt to a rider’s progress, training goals and busy schedule. JOIN provides riders with an adaptive and flexible training plan in just eight simple steps. Designed by World Tour-level cycling coaches, JOIN provides any rider with a completely flexible and smart cycling training plan that will help them stay fit and reach their goals.


About JOIN

Founded in 2020 by former professional cyclist Jim van den Berg, JOIN offers recreational cyclists a customizable training experience through its app, which provides access to over 400 professionally developed workouts. By inputting personal data and training goals, users receive tailored training schedules that adapt automatically based on performance and activity levels. The app supports integrations with platforms like Strava, Zwift, and Garmin, allowing for seamless performance tracking and detailed progress analysis. With features for off-bike training content and continuous improvement guidance, JOIN helps prevent overtraining and injuries, making goals accessible and achievable. Available in five languages on Android and iOS, JOIN boasts over 100,000 downloads, a high user rating, and, most importantly, many cyclists successfully completing training plans and achieving personal success.

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Greg Fisher