Kane Footwear Receives B Corp Certification

December 14, 2022

Kane’s B Corp Certification was awarded after a thorough review of the company’s social and environmental impact

Westport, CT (December 14, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Kane Footwear, a leader in active recovery footwear, is proud to announce that they are officially a Certified B Corporation – one of the highest honors of companies in the ESG space. Kane began the process of becoming B Corp Certified immediately upon their launch in 2021. It’s an achievement that encapsulates their goals as a company: to do the best social and environmental good. After attaining a B Impact Assessment score of 84.3, Kane Footwear will join over 5,500 brands that are currently B Corp Certified.

In order to become B Corp Certified, Kane had to achieve a B Impact Assessment score of about 80, ensure accountability to all stakeholders, and have their performance scores publicly available on the BCorp site.

From the outset, Kane prioritized using earth-first materials and manufacturers that align with their sustainability goals. They launched their Revive recovery slip-on with RestoreFoam, a material that is predominantly made from Brazilian sugarcane. Natural sugarcane ethanol is dehydrated to make their plant-based EVA foam, which stores the carbon sequestered during the sugarcane’s growth process (making it a carbon-negative material).

“Since our launch we’ve been working towards becoming a Certified B Corporation,” John Gagliardi, Founder and CEO of Kane Footwear, said. “I’ve always admired that the B Corp Certification works to quantify the overall good that a company is doing – they look across social and environmental qualifications to see the broad picture of a company’s impact. We’re thrilled to join a host of companies that prioritize making a positive impact on the world.”

Kane Footwear is currently partnered with 1% For the Planet to contribute to climate solutions, utilizes FSC-Certified packaging and is in the process of becoming Climate Neutral Certified. You can learn more about the B Corp Certification here: www.bcorporation.net/en-us/certification, and can check out Kane’s B Corp page here: https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/find-a-b-corp/company/kane-footwear-llc

About Kane Footwear

Headquartered in Westport, CT, Kane is a footwear brand dedicated to the recovery of body and planet. Implementing expert driven design, biobased manufacturing, and modern aesthetics, Kane is creating active recovery footwear for mindful movers. Their flagship Revive slip-on, designed in collaboration with Board Certified foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Dan Geller, is built with eco-based materials and an active recovery design that promotes healing. John Gagliardi, Kane’s founder and CEO, spent over two years to research materials, design and develop the Revive. You can learn more at www.kanefootwear.com.