Jogology™ Running Socks Now Available Exclusively at Select Run Specialty Stores

September 18, 2023

Wake Forest, N.C. (September 18, 2023) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – New running sock brand Jogology is available now exclusively at Run specialty retailers throughout the U.S. Jogology founders Tanya and Bert Pictor and Luke Rowe created the brand to provide a high quality product as well as grow the running community in meaningful ways.

Over the coming weeks, Jogology will debut in more than 60 retail doors across the U.S., with an initial focus on the South East. “ With the utmost commitment to run specialty, the team has an approach of under-promising and over-delivering when it comes to inventory availability. We will be rolling out our presence as we are comfortable with our inventory levels and the ability to supply our customers,” says Rowe.

Jogology socks are engineered for supreme running comfort, resembling the construction of running shoes by securing the heel and midfoot while allowing flexible toe movement. These socks boast a second-skin fit, featuring arch support massage bands to reduce excess fabric and create moisture management between the foot and shoe. A soft knit ankle rib band minimizes pressure marks, and a protective area covers the large toe for added comfort. Crafted using 200 needle machines and sustainable, recycled re-driTM yarn, these socks offer durability and softness. Mesh panels enhance aeration, and anatomical shaping ensures a proper fit for each foot. With three cushion levels (low, medium, and high) catering to runner preferences, Jogology socks retail for $16 MSRP.

Low Cushion – These socks fit like a second skin and feature a flat knit coverage on the big toes for added protection.

Medium Cushion – With a lush cushioned heel and toe, these socks have no cushioning around the midfoot area, plus a unique cushion coverage on big toes for added protection.

High Cushion – Feature a luxurious cushioned sole and these socks have a cushioned arch support band for additional comfort and a unique cushion coverage on the big toes for added protection.

Jogology places great importance on embracing the chance to run and discover the world. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Jogology aims to function as an environmentally responsible enterprise, making eco-conscious decisions across all facets of its operations. Key sustainability initiatives encompass the utilization of advanced yarn crafted from reclaimed materials and sustainably sourced wood pulp, the integration of recycled polyamides for weaving and design, the adoption of packaging crafted from recycled paper sourced from post-consumer waste, and a deliberate avoidance of plastic in packaging, except for white products to maintain the pristine appearance of white socks.

Jogology is dedicated to prioritizing the interests and growth of their valued retail partners. This unwavering commitment underscores the company’s ethos, where fostering strong and enduring partnerships is at the core of their business strategy. It reflects a shared vision for prosperity, where both Jogology and its partner retailers thrive in unison, creating a symbiotic relationship that drives the brand’s continuous growth and success.

To find a store and to learn more about Jogology, please visit https://jogology.com/.

About Jogology

Jogology™ is a performance running sock brand made by runners, for runners. One unique design, one sustainable moisture-management yarn, all the bells and whistles you need to perform at your best. Our socks provide comfort, performance and value all in equal measures. They’re designed to help you go the distance, whatever that may be for you. Partnering with and supporting organizations that reach out and connect with the running community is a key pillar of this new brand. Our aim is that Jogology™ becomes a vehicle for all runners, each with their own unique social interests, to be able to reach out and connect where it matters to them most. To learn more about the brand, please visit: jogology.com.


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