Island Optics Offers a New Perspective on Superior Polarized Sunglasses

September 7, 2023

Each model is also offered with prescription and progressive options

Boca Raton, FL, USA, September 7, 2023/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Island Optics, a new sunglass company from a family steeped in the tradition of quality optical craftsmanship since 1922, is excited to announce its bold venture into the world of high-quality polarized sunglasses. With a commitment to excellence spanning over five generations in the optical industry, Island Optics is introducing a diverse range of sunglasses, featuring lenses with their proprietary OX2 technology. These lenses are polarized, include hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-reflective coatings, and come in both polycarbonate and glass variations. Each model is also offered with prescription and progressive options, designed to elevate outdoor experiences while making a positive impact on local communities at a significant cost savings to the customer.

From its inception, Island Optics has been driven by an unwavering dedication to superior optics, meticulous attention to detail, and a steadfast commitment to providing incredible value to its customers – all without compromise. Over the course of a century, the family of opticians has honed its expertise and craftsmanship, making sunglasses not just a product, but a passion. The journey that began over a hundred years ago on the Lower East Side of Manhattan continues to this day, with Island Optics evolving to embrace the ever-changing demands of polarized sunglasses for the outdoor enthusiast.

“Welcome to Island Optics, where tradition meets innovation, and passion meets purpose,” said Josh Alovis, Co-founder and COO of Island Optics. “Since 1922, our family has been crafting optical solutions that stand the test of time. My father grew up around the smell of grinding glass lenses in his father’s optical shop, and as our business evolved, I grew up making connections with suppliers and manufacturers. We saw an opportunity to provide superior polarized sunglasses at a lower price to customers than the competition. Today, as a 5th-generation, Florida-based sunglass company, we are thrilled to introduce our OX2 polarized sunglasses that cater to the unique needs of fishing, boating, hiking, and outdoor sports enthusiasts of all kinds.”

Island Optics’ commitment to excellence extends beyond the product itself (which comes with a one-year warranty for lost or broken sunglasses) – they provide a level of customer service that is hard to find today (customer calls are answered by experienced opticians who can field prescription-related questions and make the ordering process simple), and a mission that holds water quality and wildlife habitat preservation close to heart.

“At Island Optics, our vision goes beyond polarized sunglasses; it extends to the environment and communities we hold dear,” Alovis added. “We are on a mission to not only provide superior polarized sunglasses at an affordable cost, but to empower local communities in their efforts to enhance water quality and protect wildlife habitats. With every purchase, customers become partners in our endeavor to make a meaningful difference through contributions to programs like the Ocean Blue Project and the Hawaii Community Foundation – Maui Strong Fund.”

To explore Island Optics’ range of high-quality polarized sunglasses, visit www.islandoptics.com.


About Island Optics:

Island Optics is committed to providing superior polarized sunglasses at an affordable price while empowering local communities to improve water quality and wildlife habitat.

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Allen Alovis

CEO of Island Optics